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CBD Gummies – Tasty Treats With Great Health Benefits

CBD Gummies are, simply put, gummies that are infused with cannabidiol. They are part of the CBD edibles category, which contains a vast range of tasty treats that are infused with CBD. This method of CBD intake is not as popular as others but is becoming more and more appreciated by the public because of the ever-improving taste and great effects of CBD infused goodies. CBD consumption is slowly but surely overtaking THC consumption in the US because you can get all the health benefits without the high, which for some people can be too much. When purchasing any CBD edible products, even CBD Gummies, you must always purchase from a trusted and certified source, in order to make sure that you are getting what you paid for.

In this article, we will be analyzing the health properties of CBD gummies, and how they interact with your body to improve your overall health. We will also be detailing the ways to purchase the CBD gummies that will work for you and indicate how you can recognize quality products and differentiate them from fakes ones or scams. We have performed a detailed analysis of the CBD edibles market and will share with you our conclusions on the subject, so you can be perfectly informed when making a purchase and deciding to improve your health via CBD gummies or other CBD derived snacks.

What are CBD Gummies?

Like any other product that is based on CBD extract, CBD gummies are packed with this health inducing compound. All edibles that are made from CBD are legal and non-harmful and can be purchased and shipped to any state in the US, and internationally as well. Because CBD gummies do not contain THC, this makes them 100% legal, as they will not induce a high.

CBD gummies are made from hemp oil and do not contain any THC. Because of the lack of THC, you will not get the “high” associated with consuming marijuana based edibles. Instead, you will benefit from the full health properties of CBD and can go about your day in a normal way. CBD gummies are packed with CBD, CBN, terpenes, and a wide range of added vitamins, including vitamin D3, D, and B12, for an added health bonus.

Because CBD gummies are made from CBD extracted from hemp, they are not that easy to find. Extracting this compound from hemp, as opposed to taking it directly from marijuana, is much more difficult. Few companies have invested in the necessary technology to do so, but those which have managed this are now reaping the benefits from the process and are selling top of the range CBD gummies.

All CBD gummies are made by using nanotechnology in order to extract as much CBD as possible from the hemp and then inject it directly into the final product, in a sterile and controlled environment. Each batch of gummies is tested in the lab, under strict supervision and condition, in order to verify their quality and to make sure that no THC, chemicals, or any other unwanted did not make their way into the products.

How do CBD Gummies Work?

Marijuana gets its many medical properties and benefits from CBD, not THC. CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient found both in marijuana and in regular industrial hemp. Both CBD and THC have vast medical applications, but there is a difference between them. THC will get you “high”, and for this reason, it is banned in many parts of the world, including some US states. CBD, on the other hand, does not have this effect on your body and mind, and for this reason, it is considered safe and 100% legal in almost every state on the Globe. Cannabidiol is used around the world by medical practitioners due to its effectiveness and zero risk factor, making it a great treatment for a wide range of affections.

Every person has a natural endocannabinoid system in their body. The ECS is located in the brain and is responsible for regulating and maintaining a series of vital processes in our bodies, such as mood, memory, pain, appetite, and others. When we supplement our organisms with CBD, through CBD gummies, in this case, the endocannabinoid system will get a natural boost, and it will work to better regulate the processes it is in charge of, thus boosting your overall health. The CBD, once in your stomach, will start to be assimilated naturally and will interact with the ECS, giving it the necessary tools to prevent a series of diseases and increase your general quality of life.

CBD has a wide range of health benefits, here we will only list just a few of the major ones: reduces depression, prevents anxiety, treats nausea, is a good antipsychotic, pain relief, reduces inflammation, helps prevent cancer and diabetes in some cases, helps with skin conditions like psoriasis, eases the symptoms of some neurological diseases, reduces joint pain in people suffering from arthritis, and many more.

CBD Gummies vs. THC Gummies

CBD and THC are both active compounds in the cannabis plant and are both clinically proven to have major medical benefits in both humans and animals. These two compounds are found among sixty others in the cannabis plant, but CBD and THC yield the most benefits. Although they are found in the same plant and have medicinal properties, these two compounds are different in many ways. The main difference is that CBD is non-psychoactive, which means, in short, that ingesting it will not get you high, unlike THC. CBD, as opposed to THC, has no addictive side effects, can be used in much higher doses, is overall much safer, and is not illegal. 

As with any edible product derived from cannabis, you must first consult your doctor before deciding to start a treatment with it or take it on a regular basis. Research has shown that CBD gummies are non-toxic, non-addictive, and do not have any side effects whatsoever. THC gummies have been known to produce some side effects when ingested in high amounts, and over time you may develop a tolerance to THC, meaning you will need more product to get the same effects. 

It is important to keep in mind that the main differences between CBD and THC gummies are:

  • CBD gummies are legal in any state, THC gummies are not legal in all states
  • CBD gummies have no side effects, THC gummies might produce some side effects
  • CBD gummies will not get you high, THC gummies will

CBD Gummies Health Benefits

The health benefits of CBD are often exaggerated by those wishing to promote their products, and cannot provide studies to back their claims up. Luckily, there are a number of clinical trials that have been conducted in order to test the effects of CBD on a series of affections and diseases. The degree of which CBD is an effective treatment for an ailment depends largely on the dosage of CBD that a person takes, and the specific genetic characteristics of the person in question. 

This being said, casually supplementing yourself with CBD gummies or other CBD based edibles has, indeed, a series of positive health benefits to your organism and your mental state. By taking CBD in small doses, at regular intervals of time (daily, bi-daily, weekly, etc.) you will be jump-starting your endocannabinoid system and you will start to notice some improvements. Here are some of the most notable effects of CBD on your health, but the degree of which they will affect you depends largely on your own organism’s specifics:

  • Relieves Pain: regular consumption of cannabis is known to help people who suffer from chronic pain. Be it for just a few minutes, hours, or longer periods of time in some cases, ingesting marijuana via smoking, vaping, capsules, or edibles is a great way to make the pain go away. CBD is especially useful in relieving pain in people suffering from fibromyalgia.
  • Fights Inflammation: before being tested on humans, CBD edibles were first tested on rodents, with amazing results. Cannabidiol has been proven to reduce inflammation in the circulatory system, on a long-term basis. In humans, the results are similar, and it also works to reduce minor inflammation throughout the body quickly, and on a short-term basis. People with arthritis can recommend CBD gummies for temporarily relieving joint pain.
  • Reduces Anxiety: This is a major benefit of regular CBD consumption. Supplementing your diet with CBD gummies can have a major impact on reducing general anxiety, and is especially effective for people with social anxiety issues. Cannabidiol is much more effective and much less harmful than pharmaceutical treatments for anxiety. 
  • Powerful Anti-Emetic: one of the most powerful effects of CBD is its ability to dramatically reduce nausea. It is widely used by people who are fighting cancer and are going through chemotherapy. CBD is proven to reduce queasiness and help people recover faster after intense cancer treatments.
  • Protects the Cardiovascular System: after extensive testing on rodents, CBD seems to be a great supplement that can protect your arteries and help maintain them in good working condition. Cannabidiol is a good arterial protector, but the scientific proof is yet to be published on this matter. 

With CBD gummies and edibles become increasingly popular among the general public, more and more scientific investigations are taking place in order to exactly determine the extent of the medical benefits associated with CBD use. For now, only a few studies have demonstrated these benefits. But studies aside, millions of people across the US have openly testified on how CBD has positively impacted their lives and have significantly increased their quality of living.

How To Get Quality CBD Gummies

As explained throughout this article, CBD gummies are just another variety of cannabis-based edibles. The market for cannabis edibles is very vast, including treats such as cookies, cage, lollypops, and other sugary goodies, and ranging all the way to meats treated with the cannabis extract. In such a large market, you might not know where to begin if you just want a good CBD supplement. 

Different cannabis-based products produce a different effect to the body and mind and will have different benefits to your health. For example, in recreational use, cannabis is consumed via smoking or vaping most of the time. The effects of this mode of consumption are almost immediate and can last up to two hours, depending on the person. In this period, people will experience the full psychoactive effects from the THC and will get some health benefits from the THC and CBD.

On the other hand, when consumed in an edible form, the effects of cannabis are much different. The effects will start to show in about two hours after ingestion and can last up to six hours, depending on the individual. Because of this reason, edible is preferred by people who use cannabis for more medical purposes instead of recreational ones. Edibles have been proven to do wonders for people suffering from chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, or trouble sleeping.

When searching for CBD gummies, one should always take into account a series of factors before even going to the store or searching online. Some of the most important factors when deciding to take CBD gummies are:

  • The product must be GMO-free
  • It must not have any artificial flavoring
  • It should be tested by a third-party and verified
  • It should have the exact amount of CBD as shown on the packaging

With these factor in mind, you can begin your search for the CBD gummies that will best suit your needs. When searching, be sure to look up well-known companies and manufacturers that have been making these products for a relatively long time, as opposed to new, small companies that are just starting out and do not have the necessary technology or means to produce quality CBD gummies. Choosing a larger company that is well established on the market is a good move because you are ensuring that you are getting the product you paid for and that a number of government agencies are constantly monitoring the company for quality. Also, when buying online, check if the company is selling other CBD based products, and not just CBD gummies. This way you will know that they are the real deal and have the necessary means to create quality CBD based products. CBD Gummies

When searching for the perfect CBD gummies supplements for you, another factor to take into account is the way that the CBD oil is extracted from the plant. This can be tricky, especially when trying to obtain this information from smaller companies. The larger CBD extract manufacturers display this information on their websites. In short, when extracting the CBD from the plants, the extract must not be subjected to temperatures over 200 °F in any step of the process. Subjecting the extract to higher temperatures than the one mentioned will speed up its degradation over time, and make it lose its health benefits a lot faster. Look for companies that offer this info when making your decision.

CBD Gummies – A Daily Snack

If you want to experience all the benefits of hemp oil, in a legal and tasty way, then CBD gummies are the best choice for you. Why consuming edibles derived from cannabis also has a positive effect on your health, the side effect of this is the psychoactive high that you may not want. THC is the compounds responsible for the high, but the CBD in the gummies is extracted from industrial hemp, which does not have THC.

In other words, you can get the full health benefits of cannabis, but in a legal, and non-mood altering way. No unwanted high, no going to the doctor for a prescription, and no risk of doing something illegal. CBD gummies are a natural health supplement that can be consumed on a daily basis, but both men and women. These tasty treats have a wide range of health benefits, including pain relief, reduction in inflammation, cardiovascular protection, and much more. Furthermore, if you ingest too much THC, taking a few CBD gummies will help reduce the high and get you grounded and ready for your day. 

You can take CBD gummies on a daily basis, any time of the day. It is a tasty snack that is packed with health benefits and will make you feel on your toes the entire day. More and more people around the world are discovering this amazing product, and millions have attested to the many ways in which CBD edibles have improved their lives and health.


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