medics fat

Should fat-shaming by doctors be considered malpractice?

Most fat people already know they are fat and do not need to hear it from others. And while it can be especially distressing when they are shamed by internet trolls and other “mean” people, it can be even more hurtful when done by those who claim to do it for “your own best interest.” In fact, surveys have shown …

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acai berry

Whatever happened to the Acai Berry diet?

Acai berry diet was the craze years ago — what happened? Acai berry diet was touted to help lose weight, cure diseases, and clear skin. Acai berry diet . . . wait, what? Acai berries are fruit rich in antioxidants and nutrients but no acai berry diet exists. Some of the benefits of acai berry are: Improves digestion Cleanses and detoxes …

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alcohol weight loss

Alcohol and Weight Loss

We all know that a balanced diet and regular exercising are the way towards a slimmer body, with drinking more often than not being shunned for its negative impact on slimming efforts. But what is the actual truth about alcohol and weight loss? Are all liquors equal when it comes to ’storing’ body fat? Will a glass of wine ruin …

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weight gain while exercising

Weight gain while exercising

Have you ever exercised routinely to lose weight but instead gained? Finding an exercise program, whether in a gym or on your own, can be challenging. The initial challenge is getting started; mustering up the time and energy to exercise. Also finding a program that will fit the areas of your body you wish to address. Most often the easiest …

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3 harmful foods

What Are The 3 Harmful Foods to Avoid?

Nucific Three Harmful Foods to Avoid? Nucific 3 Harmful Foods Editorial: The founder and Director of the Integrative Wellness Center in Los Angeles, Dr. Amy Lee, published her extensive research on the three harmful foods to avoid in your diet, and one harmful popular drink. Dr. Amy Lee is a member of the US National Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists, …

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ProbioSlim Free Sample

ProbioSlim Reviews

ProbioSlim Review – Real Results Or Just Another Phase Before Quitting The Pills? ProbioSlim Review: When summer is knocking on the door, many women start thinking about losing weight fast and easy to gain back their silhouettes for their swimsuits. Do not think for a moment that men do not care at all about their looks when they go to …

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CLA Safflower Oil

CLA Safflower Oil Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

Discover Amazing New CLA Safflower Oil Supplement CLA Safflower Oil is a health supplement that claims to help its users lose weight while at the same time increasing their muscle mass. As it’s obvious from its name, the main ingredient in this product is safflower oil, but it also includes a blend of plant extracts that should provide a detoxifying …

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top 5 weight loss gadgets

Top 5 Eccentric Weight-Loss Gadgets

Best Eccentric Weight-Loss Gadgets in 2017 Technology never ceases to surprise us. When it comes to weight loss gadgets, the market is now full of all sorts of devices designed to help people reach their weight goals and boost their motivation. From smart scales to fitness trackers, gadgets are now part of many people’s weight-loss programs. As we always say, …

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the dukan diet

The Dukan Diet – 2017 Facts and Observations

Among diet trends, you can find trends of trends if you’re looking, it’s just choosing the one that is right for you. Most everyone desires the easiest way to lose more weight in the least amount of time. Diet trends, or fads, are often used as that route to weight loss. Rapid weight loss can be successful if executed properly, …

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french wine for a flat belly

French Wine for a Flat Belly Reviews

Have you heard that wine can induce weight loss and you were thinking of buying French Wine for a Flat Belly and use it as a guide for your efforts? Don’t spend any money before you read this! There are hundreds of weight loss guides out there, so you need to make sure this one is better, and worth your …

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