low carb diet

The low carb diet, not so effective after all

Among the many diet trends in past years, the low carb diet was touted to be the most successful. Starting with the Atkins Diets, low carb diets were the trends in the diet world. However, at this point, low carb diets have become passé. Why? Because low carb diets have noted risks after prolonged use. It is a regimen that …

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living green supremefood

Living Green Supreme Food Reviews

Living Green Supreme Food Is What You Were Looking For Living Green SupremeFoods Review: Nowadays, people tend to forget that vitamins and minerals are very important for the health of their entire body. Sometimes, the meals that people eat do not contain the most needed fruits and vegetables and this is one reason why the supplements were created. Because their …

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Orthorexia: a negative perspective on a good idea

There are various ways and plans to lose weight and be healthy to increase the quality of life. Most plans require strict adherence to a regimen while others require a more loose approach that might include a plan with a reward or points. The most common effective way to lose weight and/or be healthy is to practice healthy eating. Healthy …

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ultra omega burn

Ultra Omega Burn Reviews

Ultra Omega Burn – The Healthy Fat Burning Diet There is one weight loss program that can truly help you lose weight, the Ultra Omega Burn. This supplement can offer you enough boost for your energy levels and also block down any craving so you won’t do any evening visits to the fridge to eat a little snack anymore. Did …

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does cla safflower oil work

Does CLA Safflower Oil Really Work?

Does CLA Safflower Oil Work For Weight Loss? It goes without saying being slim and healthy are goals which more and more people around the world are trying to accomplish with minimal effort involved. It then makes sense to have products like CLA Safflower Oil claiming that a better looking body can be achieved with the aid of a dietary …

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where should I take CLA safflower Oil

How Much CLA Safflower Oil Should I Take?

Whether you are a dietary supplement aficionado or an occasional user, you can’t deny the fact that CLA Safflower Oil has become a household name on this particular market. The hype surrounding this product’s health benefits might even have made you want to try it out on your own, which means that you have surely come across one important question: …

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where to buy CLA safflower Oil

Where to Buy CLA Safflower Oil?

If all the recent hype surrounding the health benefits of CLA Safflower Oil has gotten you interested in this topic, then you must have surely come across such dilemmas like ‘what type of CLA Safflower Oil I choose?’, ‘what brand is the best?’ or ‘where to buy CLA Safflower Oil?’. As it turns out, the market for CLA Safflower Oil …

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scale with feet

The skinny on body fat

For many people “fat” is an ugly word, conjuring up images of beer bellies, dimpled butts, lumpy thighs and love handle. While too much fat can lead to a number of health problems, a certain amount of body fat is essential, and scientists are now beginning to realize just how important the different types of fat found within our bodies …

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medics fat

Should fat-shaming by doctors be considered malpractice?

Most fat people already know they are fat and do not need to hear it from others. And while it can be especially distressing when they are shamed by internet trolls and other “mean” people, it can be even more hurtful when done by those who claim to do it for “your own best interest.” In fact, surveys have shown …

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acai berry

Whatever happened to the Acai Berry diet?

Acai berry diet was the craze years ago — what happened? Acai berry diet was touted to help lose weight, cure diseases, and clear skin. Acai berry diet . . . wait, what? Acai berries are fruit rich in antioxidants and nutrients but no acai berry diet exists. Some of the benefits of acai berry are: Improves digestion Cleanses and detoxes …

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