FDA tells bakery to forget about love

FDA says no to ‘love’ at granola bakery

Plenty of people say they bake with love, including John Gates CEO of Nashoba Brook Bakery. However, the FDA has ruled that the Concord, MA company cannot list it as an ingredient on their Nashoba Granola label. According to a letter posted on the agency’s website, the Food and Drug Administration stated that federal regulations require that all ingredients on …

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keeping your home flea-free

Keeping Your Home Flea-Free

Flea foggers are an effective way of ridding your home of infestation by poisoning with a cloud of toxic chemicals. Not only do they kill the adult fleas, but also attack their eggs and larvae to prevent a recurrence of their breeding cycle. However, because of their toxicity and the fact that they normally take a more than 8 hours …

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coffee day

National Coffee Day celebrated worldwide

Everyone knows that October is the time to celebrate beer. Yet many people may not realize that the ballyhoo for another favorite brew—COFFEE—is celebrated in September. Beginning with Germany (September 1) and Costa Rica (September 2) the celebration of coffee has poured into all parts of the globe from Java to Jamaica. And while Ireland and Mongolia have designated September …

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babies for barista

Babies for baristas

Starbucks has announced a new type of perk for its employees. While the Starbucks’ corporate family is always looking to expand, it also recognizes the growing desire among many of its employees to expand their personal families as well. As a result, corporate management has announced a new benefits program to help employees struggling with infertility issues by picking up …

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nepal banish menstrual isolation

Nepal votes to banish menstrual isolation

Nepal has taken another major step in protecting the rights of women by passing a bill that will make it illegal to “exile” women during their periods. According to legislator Krishna Bhakta Pokhel, who helped draft the bill, anyone found practicing Chhauopad, the act of forcing menstruating women to leave their homes and take shelter in makeshift huts or cattle …

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left handers day

International Left-Handers Day: Celebrating southpaws

If you are not left-handed yourself, you probably know a lot of people who are. What may surprise you, however, is that only about 10%-12% of the world’s population qualifies as being southpaws. And while most of us tend not to see any real difference between righties and lefties other than a preference for using one hand as opposed to …

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Cellar’s market: 200-year old wine found in New Jersey basement

There’s aged wine, and then there is AGED wine. Renovations at the Liberty Hall Museum in New Jersey revealed a rare treasure, including several cases of Madeira wine bottled in 1796, and imported by Robert Lenox Esq. Of Philadelphia to celebrate the inauguration of John Adams as the 2nd President of the United States in 1797. In addition to Adams, …

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lidl cremant de bourgogne

Supermarket bubbly named one of world’s best wines

Pound for pound (literally) Crémant de Bourgogne, a sparkling wine sold only at UK supermarket chain Lidl, has weighed in as the world’s finest vintages, earning the coveted IWSC’s Silver Outstanding award at the 2017 International Wines and Spirits Competition. In fact, the Business Insider reported that the bubbly, which sells for a mere £ 7.99 (a little over $10 …

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A cry for kelp

Long Island not only resembles a fish, fishing has always been an integral part if its economy. And while recreational fishing still remains as popular as ever, over-fishing, pollution, and climate change have all contributed to the steady decline of commercial fishing for decades. Especially hard hit have been clammers and lobstermen, as well as those who fish for flounder …

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Gordon Ramsey Nascar

Gordon Ramsey fuels NASCAR team with crab omelets

Forget the over-boiled hotdogs and “grayish” hamburgers often served up at various venues on the NASCAR circuit. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay chose to fuel up the Stewart-Haas crew with a gourmet breakfast featuring crab omelets, hash with Old Bay seasoning and fruit smoothies with fresh vanilla during a recent filming of his TV show “The F Word”at Dover International Speedway …

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