mother daughter recconect

Teaching mothers and daughters how to reconnect

The relationship between mothers and daughters can be a complicated one, particularly as daughters turn from “mommy’s little girls” into independent women making their own way in the world and starting families of their own. While some relationships may become toxic, they can often be healed by taking time out for just the 2 to take a couple of days …

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bud on mars

Budweiser announces plans to brew beer on Mars

Moonshine on Mars? While fans of the book/and or Matt Damon movie ”The Martian” may have speculated that vodka might be the first alcoholic beverage brewed on the Red Planet (thanks to abandoned astronaut Mark Wartney’s his cultivation of potatoes there) Budweiser has already announced plans to brew beer on Mars. “Budweiser is always pushing the boundaries of innovation and …

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deep fry turkey

Deep frying turkeys safely for Thanksgiving

While eating deep fried turkey on Thanksgiving may be a special treat, cooking one is another story. In fact according to a report by the National Fire Protection Association “nearly 4- times as many home cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year (except the day before Thanksgiving).” This is especially true for accidents involving hot …

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monster energy nascar

Monster Energy Drinks continues to fuel world’s biggest races

Monster Energy Drinks will continue to fuel NASCAR next year as the title sponsor for stockcar association’s Cup Series The company took over the sponsorship of the NASCAR Cup Championship Series from Sprint in 2017, changing the name of the national competition, as well as adding their familiar green and black can logo to the sport. Monster is known for …

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FDA cracks down on unverified marijuana cancer cures

The FDA is moving to crack down on unsubstantiated claims involving more than 25 products containing cannabidiol (CBD), that aver they can “cure” breast cancer, etc., as well as Alzheimer’s by making diseased cells literally “ commit ‘suicide’ without killing healthy ones.” These include a variety of syrups, teas, capsules, creams, lotions, and drops. Companies targeted by the agency for …

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lightning strikes

Flash news: death by lightning strikes keeps falling

Decimating hurricanes, earthquakes, severe flooding and now out of control wildfires blazing across California. It certainly seems that Mother Nature is out to get us. Yet, lightning, which has always been one of nature’s “biggest killers,” is reportedly taking fewer lives in the US than it once did. In fact, National Weather Service records show that even though far more …

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halloween candy

Avoid the Halloween candy trap

They say Halloween is for kids because of all of the candy but adults garnish as much as they can handle, too. Of all candy consumed, around 4% occurs on Halloween. Almost every child will have candy on Halloween while about half of the adults will eat some. “That compares to 24% of all adults and kids who have candy …

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FDA tells bakery to forget about love

FDA says no to ‘love’ at granola bakery

Plenty of people say they bake with love, including John Gates CEO of Nashoba Brook Bakery. However, the FDA has ruled that the Concord, MA company cannot list it as an ingredient on their Nashoba Granola label. According to a letter posted on the agency’s website, the Food and Drug Administration stated that federal regulations require that all ingredients on …

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keeping your home flea-free

Keeping Your Home Flea-Free

Flea foggers are an effective way of ridding your home of infestation by poisoning with a cloud of toxic chemicals. Not only do they kill the adult fleas, but also attack their eggs and larvae to prevent a recurrence of their breeding cycle. However, because of their toxicity and the fact that they normally take a more than 8 hours …

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coffee day

National Coffee Day celebrated worldwide

Everyone knows that October is the time to celebrate beer. Yet many people may not realize that the ballyhoo for another favorite brew—COFFEE—is celebrated in September. Beginning with Germany (September 1) and Costa Rica (September 2) the celebration of coffee has poured into all parts of the globe from Java to Jamaica. And while Ireland and Mongolia have designated September …

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