nail fungus treatment

Seeking Nail Fungus Treatment? Nail Fungus Basics | What You Should Know!

Have you noticed your nail health is deteriorating, and you were thinking of trying a nail fungus treatment? It is great that you pay attention to the signs your body is sending to let you know that something is threatening its well-being. However, you shouldn’t rush and take pills or apply ointments without a clear diagnosis and a complete picture …

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Eating your way to healthy hair

Eating your way to healthy hair

Healthy hair is happy hair, and despite promises made by thousands of beauty products including shampoos and conditioners currently available the best way to keep your locks looking lovely is to make sure they receive the proper nutrition. This includes consuming adequate amounts of the following recommended vitamins and minerals: 1.Beta-carotene (Vitamin A). While Vitamin A is known to support …

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vaccine celiac disease

Could a vaccine help prevent Celiac Disease?

Although reoviruses do not generally make people ill, a new study led by Dr. Bana Jabri director of research at the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center contends that the relatively “harmless” bugs may not be as banal as previously believed, and actually be responsible for causing Celiac disease by “tricking the immune system into thinking gluten is a harmful …

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ban on trans fat

Banning trans fats at restaurants reduces heart attacks

Thanks to a ban on trans fats in restaurant foods, 11 counties in New York State (including New York City) have successfully reduced the number of heart attacks by 6% since 2007. “This translates to 43 less heart attacks and strokes for every 100,000 people,” noted Yale University cardiology fellow Dr. Eric Brandt, who conducted a study comparing hospital admission …

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order dark spot corrector

Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector Reviews

Beverly Hills MD Dark Circle Corrector – Does it Work or Scam? Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector Reviews: Summer is here, and as much as we love spending time in the sun and taking advantage of the beautiful weather, it does come as high expenses for those of us who have skin that is sensitive to outside factors. Those …

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Nevi-Skin Order

Nevi-Skin Reviews | Best Mole Removal Solution?

Nevi-Skin is advertised as the best mole removal solution available on the market. It’s supposed to be an alternative to surgical interventions, working just as fast and with minimal side effects. And these claims seem too good to be true. At first glance, the product appears to be nothing but a scam. And why wouldn’t it be? The popular belief …

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12 Foods Aren’t Always Vegan

These 12 Foods Aren’t Always Vegan

Don’t Be Fooled! These 12 Foods Aren’t Always Vegan Have you been trying to switch to vegan food? Good for you, but if you’ve been reading labels carefully, you’ve probably noticed that some foods are not what they appear to be. On my hunt for vegan food, I came across several products that seemed to serve my purpose and didn’t. Here …

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dietary prebiotics

Dietary Prebiotics Improve Sleep and Buffer Stress Impact

Have you been trying to introduce prebiotic foods in your diet to boost your gut health? New research suggests that you will reap even more benefits. Before we get into details, let me remind you that prebiotics are the substances that probiotics, a.k.a. the good bacteria in your gut, feed on. They are dietary fibers occurring naturally in chicory, artichokes, …

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sugar detox plan

Your 10-Step Sugar Detox Plan

Discover Your 10-Step Proven Sugar Detox Plan Sugar leads to obesity, cardiovascular disease, poor oral health, behavioral and cognitive issues, type 2 diabetes, and other health problems. Yet, we all crave it: some for its taste, some for the way it helps us feel better when we’re sad or angry, others for the way it boosts our energy and helps …

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night time urination

Putting nighttime urination to bed

Although the need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night can happen to people of all ages, the urge seems to become more frequent as we get older. For some, it is simply a matter caused by drinking fluids late in the day or just before bedtime, consuming caffeinated beverages and pregnancy. And while being awakened in …

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