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CogniQ Review

CognIQ Report: Does it Work or Just Scam ? Many brain enhancing supplements claim that they’re able to improve all your cognitive functions and make you more productive in all tasks, increasing your energy level while at the same time reducing stress and anxiety. But we’ll have a look at one that comes with some of the most unusual claims, …

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Gluco Health

Gluco Health Natural Blood Sugar Regulator Most natural supplements are designed either for the treatment of minor health issues or as an aid in diet or exercise, but luckily some of them deal with serious health problems for which medication often seems the only solution. And one of the most common diseases in the western world is diabetes, which is …

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SmartX Natural Brain Enhancing Supplement

SmartX Vitamin for Memory – Does it Work? Brain enhancing supplements are designed to either provide you with a short term energy boost resembling that generated by large amounts of coffee, or to promote a more efficient brain functioning in the long term. Today we’re looking at a supplement in the second category, which promises to enhance your cognitive functions …

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Lowerol: Best Way to Lower Cholesterol

How to Lower High Cholesterol High cholesterol has become one of the most serious health concerns of the modern world. This condition promotes heart disease, and when it’s based on genetic factors it can even be a threat for those of us that follow healthy diets and exercise regularly. And when it does become a problem the only solution seems …

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pura bella skin care

Pura Bella

Pura Bella Review: Anti-Aging Retinol Cream We all know that aging is an imminent process. The potion or ingredients combination to keep us forever young has not been invented yet. That remains possible only in works of fiction. Still, aging signs might give us a bit of a trouble. How many of us haven’t watched the person they see in …

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neuroflexyn benefits

Neuroflexyn Reviews

Neuroflexyn Brain Pill | How to Improve Memory Neuroflexyn Review: Alternative medicine seems to offer a multitude of answers to any problems we might have, from serious issues like heart disease to things that only slightly bother us, like difficulty to focus. The simple fact that the products are most times completely natural gives us the freedom to experiment with …

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white eyes

Eye whitener awareness

Whether you believe that it was WILLIAM PRESCOTT, an officer in The Colonial Army from Massachusetts, or (as some people contend) Israel Putnam of Connecticut who utter the famous quote, “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes,” at the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775, it is pretty certain that neither man remotely considered that the enemy …

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addium brain power

Addium Reviews

Addium Reviews – Real Limitless Pill or Scam? Some people are able to wake up early in the morning boosting with energy and ready to take on the world. But let’s face it, most of us only have enough energy to blindly walk to the kitchen and fix ourselves a cup of coffee, the only thing that makes life worth …

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Too much black tea leads to kidney failure

While a 56-year old Arkansas man didn’t “drown” from an unquenchable thirst for black iced-tea, he ended up destroying his kidneys after reportedly downing as many as 16 nine-ounce glasses of the liquid per day, leading to excessive amounts of oxalates in his body. Most people, on the other hand) drink approximately 11 eight ounce glasses (including water, coffee, soda, …

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brain ammo

Brain Ammo

Brain Ammo Review – Recharge Your Weapon! Today the need to climb the career ladder has become crucial to our existence. People everywhere are searching for the secret formula to help them get to the top and stay there. Whether you are driven by the desire to own a 1969 Corvette L88 or an estate in Palm Beach it eventually …

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