Much ado about mucus

While mucus membranes may not be a usual topic of daily conversation, they do play an important part in our daily lives, providing “a first line of defense” for our bodies, acting to filter out small particles such as dust and smoke, pollen and even viruses and bacteria in the air we breathe, thanks to tiny hairs (aka cilia) which …

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Seremolyn Review

Good mood promotes good health. We all know it, and along balanced diets and regular exercise, we’re also recommended to keep a positive attitude and avoid stress. And while we can make good decisions when it comes to food and physical activity, what we feel is much harder to control. Stress seems almost impossible to avoid by most of us …

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alpha zxt

Alpha ZXT Review

Brain enhancers make for a large portion of the health supplement market. Most of us are eager to try them, either for issues brought on by stress or as energy boosters in the early mornings. These products are usually divided in two distinct categories, with some of them designed for the slow improvement of all cognitive functions and the others …

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Taking sodium warnings with a pinch of salt

When I was a small child, my father’s cravings for salt were legendary in our family. He put it on everything. In fact, his skin was so salty that when we went for a walk in the woods, deer would actually come up to him and lick him (the God’s honest truth). Of course, I thought it was great because …

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gout foods to avoid

Dietary don’ts when it comes to dealing with joint pain and gout

Maintaining a proper diet plays an important part in relieving joint pain naturally. For instance, gout sufferers need to make sure that they keep to low purine diets in order to reduce the build up of uric acids that can crystallize in their joints, acting as an abrasive and causing swelling there. In fact, raw fruits (particularly strawberries and cherries, …

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cogniq order

CogniQ Review

CognIQ Report: Does it Work or Just Scam ? Many brain enhancing supplements claim that they’re able to improve all your cognitive functions and make you more productive in all tasks, increasing your energy level while at the same time reducing stress and anxiety. But we’ll have a look at one that comes with some of the most unusual claims, …

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order gluco health

Gluco Health

Gluco Health Natural Blood Sugar Regulator Most natural supplements are designed either for the treatment of minor health issues or as an aid in diet or exercise, but luckily some of them deal with serious health problems for which medication often seems the only solution. And one of the most common diseases in the western world is diabetes, which is …

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smartx order

SmartX Natural Brain Enhancing Supplement

SmartX Vitamin for Memory – Does it Work? Brain enhancing supplements are designed to either provide you with a short term energy boost resembling that generated by large amounts of coffee, or to promote a more efficient brain functioning in the long term. Today we’re looking at a supplement in the second category, which promises to enhance your cognitive functions …

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lowerol bottom

Lowerol: Best Way to Lower Cholesterol

How to Lower High Cholesterol High cholesterol has become one of the most serious health concerns of the modern world. This condition promotes heart disease, and when it’s based on genetic factors it can even be a threat for those of us that follow healthy diets and exercise regularly. And when it does become a problem the only solution seems …

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pura bella skin care

Pura Bella

Pura Bella Review: Anti-Aging Retinol Cream We all know that aging is an imminent process. The potion or ingredients combination to keep us forever young has not been invented yet. That remains possible only in works of fiction. Still, aging signs might give us a bit of a trouble. How many of us haven’t watched the person they see in …

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