Vitamin D

Vitamin D Deficiency: 6 warning signs

Vitamin D is vital for healthy bones, skin, and mental health. It can be hard to tell if you are getting enough. One reason because the symptoms mimic other ailments. If you do not get enough Vitamin D you can feel sad, sluggish and achy. There are six clear signs that you may have a Vitamin D deficiency. Of course, …

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Nails Color and Shape

What your nail color and shape say about you and your health

Most women take great pains to maintain their fingernails as part of their beauty regimens and especially enjoy decorating them. Yet, nails do a lot more for us that just make our hands (and toes) more attractive. They also serve to protect our fingertips from injury, as well as provide us with “tools” for digging, scratching, etc., and act as …

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prostate disorders

Putting prostate disorders in perspective

Although benign hypertrophy of the prostate (the result of gradual enlargement of the gland) generally affects nearly 1/3 of males over the age of 50, prostatitis, caused by bacterial infection from other areas within the body is common in males of all ages, and (like other prostate disorders) can inhibit the flow of urine from the bladder which can then …

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natural remedies

Keeping bladder infections at bay

Anyone who has ever hard a bladder and/or kidney infection knows how uncomfortable they can be, especially when the urgent need to urinate (even if their bladders are empty), not to mention the often burning sensations when they do go. Despite this, it is important to keep in mind that those who attempt to try to fight the urge may …

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zapping zits tips

Some holistic approaches for zapping zits

Just about everyone has had a pimple or two (or more) at some point in their lives, no matter how careful they may be to practice good hygiene, including regularly washing skin areas with neutral cleansers to get rid of excess oil and dead skin cells. It also seems to be a fact of life that they tend to appear …

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rapivab package

FDA uses its influence to fight the flu

Now that the flu season is in full force in some areas, adults 18 years old and up who are sick have a new treatment option, to treat their infections thanks to the FDA’s recent approval of Rapivab (peramivir), which works to inhibit the influenza virus neuraminidase, Neuramindase is an enzyme that releases viral particles from infected cells. While enzyme …

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tips to Balance Hormones

Five Warning Signs of Hormone Imbalance

As a woman, there is nothing worse than having your hormones unbalanced. They affect all aspects of your life. They can make you feel downright sick, if not  properly balance. They affect the way you feel, how well you lose weight and even your sexual  functionality. The fact is when your hormones are not ‘in check’ it can wreck havoc …

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diet coke addiction

Six Reasons to Kick your Diet Coke Addiction

The health experts agree- drinking diet soda is bad for you. It doesn’t help you lose weight, and research has found, it may even cause you to gain weight. If you are one of those people that drink Diet Coke to save calories, you may need to rethink your choice. In this article, I will give you five reasons why …

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health proxy

The importance of having a living will and/or health proxy

Although most common law has long accepted the fact that “competent adults” have the right to self-determination, meaning they have the right to determine what will be done to the person or body, including the right to accept or decline medical treatment, there are some circumstances when this privilege cannot be exercised. These include preventing assisted suicide or for the …

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hemorrhoids pain

Helping to ease hemorrhoidal pain

Hemorrhoids (aka piles) occur when the veins around the rectum become so swollen that they end up protruding from the anus, causing severe discomfort, itching and general pain, particularly when they tear and bleed. Although they are generally caused by severe constipation as a result of poor eating habits, hemorrhoids can also flare up when the colon becomes strained during …

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