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rapivab package

FDA uses its influence to fight the flu

Now that the flu season is in full force in some areas, adults 18 years old and up who are sick have a new treatment option, to treat their infections thanks to the FDA’s recent approval of Rapivab (peramivir), which works to inhibit the influenza virus neuraminidase, Neuramindase is an enzyme that releases viral particles from infected cells. While enzyme …

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tips to Balance Hormones

Five Warning Signs of Hormone Imbalance

As a woman, there is nothing worse than having your hormones unbalanced. They affect all aspects of your life. They can make you feel downright sick, if not  properly balance. They affect the way you feel, how well you lose weight and even your sexual  functionality. The fact is when your hormones are not ‘in check’ it can wreck havoc …

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diet coke addiction

Six Reasons to Kick your Diet Coke Addiction

The health experts agree- drinking diet soda is bad for you. It doesn’t help you lose weight, and research has found, it may even cause you to gain weight. If you are one of those people that drink Diet Coke to save calories, you may need to rethink your choice. In this article, I will give you five reasons why …

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health proxy

The importance of having a living will and/or health proxy

Although most common law has long accepted the fact that “competent adults” have the right to self-determination, meaning they have the right to determine what will be done to the person or body, including the right to accept or decline medical treatment, there are some circumstances when this privilege cannot be exercised. These include preventing assisted suicide or for the …

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hemorrhoids pain

Helping to ease hemorrhoidal pain

Hemorrhoids (aka piles) occur when the veins around the rectum become so swollen that they end up protruding from the anus, causing severe discomfort, itching and general pain, particularly when they tear and bleed. Although they are generally caused by severe constipation as a result of poor eating habits, hemorrhoids can also flare up when the colon becomes strained during …

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joint health

Joint ventures: Are glucosamine and chondroitin right for you

Glucosamine and Chondroitin Help Joint Health It is a sad state of affairs that most people the age of 30 over thirty have some sort of joint pain these days. For some it can simply be a result of their bodies rebelling against inactivity, especially after sitting in front of a computer all day, etc., while others may suddenly find …

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Off the top of your head: dealing with dandruff and head acne

Just about everyone has had to deal with dandruff at one time or another. For most people it is more of an embarrassment than anything serious, and can be successfully treated with anyone of the commercial shampoos and conditioners on the market. In addition, those who suffer from mild cases of dandruff should stop picking at their heads, wash their …

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Gluten Free Vitamins

Dermatitis herpetiformis and celiac disease’s common bond

Although dermatitis is an allergic reaction caused by contact with a variety of materials including make-up and perfumes, medicated creams and ointments and even metals such as gold, silver and nickel (as well rubber), resulting in severe itching and flaking if the skin, dermatitis herpetiformis (aka Duhring’s Disease after Dr. Louis Dunhring, who first described it in 1884), is a …

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get rid of yeast

Treating genital yeast infections for both women and men

While candida albicans yeast infections can cause a wide variety of problems ranging from diaper rash to athletes foot and oral thrush it is most often associated with vaginitis in women and jock itch in men. In fact, the fungus seems to “thrive in the presence of body sugars, which makes it particularly irksome for diabetic women. As a result …

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Glycerol acid’s many benefits

Considering that November is National Healthy Skin Month here in the US, it seems like a good time to take a look at one of the most common products used to treat a variety of serious skin disorders. The benefits of glycerol acid has long been recognized by dermatologists in treating severe skin disorders such as hyperpigmentation, acne scars and …

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