Food producers ordered to eliminate trans fats within 3-years

The FDA has ordered food manufacturers to get trans fats out of their products within the next 3-years, or else. The fats, which are derived by turning natural vegetable oils into solids (with the consistency of margarine or lard) are generally listed on ingredient labels as hydrogenated fats or partially hydrogenated fats (PHO’s), because hydrogen is added to increase their …

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aids atlanta

Atlanta’s war against AIDS

While parts of rural Indiana (particularly Cook County near the Kentucky border) are experiencing an unprecedented rise in the number of HIV/AIDS patients (due mostly to needle sharing among drug addicts), areas surrounding Atlanta, Georgia (including DeKalb, Fulton and Clayton counties) are reportedly “among the top counties in the entire country with the highest rates of new HIV diagnoses among …

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tb indiana

TB causes terror in Indiana

More than 85 people have tested positive for tuberculosis in Southern Indiana have now tested positive for tuberculosis, after coming in contact with a student at Rick Creek Community Academy in Sellersburg (about 10 miles north of Louisville, KY). However, Mike Meyer, health administrator for the Clark County Health Department noted that this does not mean that others might have …

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geniux mid

Geniux Reviews

 What is Geniux Advanced Brain Formula? Geniux supplement is a brain booster that comes in the form of capsules and is claimed to generate an improvement of the cognitive functions in the short term, while at the same time helping the brain and overall health in the long run. The company presents it as manufactured in the USA, in an …

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Bid to ban microbeads in beauty products broadens

Microbeads (the size of a grain of sand) have become common exfoliant ingredients in many beauty products including facial scrubs, and even toothpaste during the past 10 years, yet many people may be unaware of the fact that they are cleaning themselves with tiny bits of plastic. However, these particles have found their way into water systems via sewage plants, …

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Much ado about mucus

While mucus membranes may not be a usual topic of daily conversation, they do play an important part in our daily lives, providing “a first line of defense” for our bodies, acting to filter out small particles such as dust and smoke, pollen and even viruses and bacteria in the air we breathe, thanks to tiny hairs (aka cilia) which …

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Seremolyn Review

Good mood promotes good health. We all know it, and along balanced diets and regular exercise, we’re also recommended to keep a positive attitude and avoid stress. And while we can make good decisions when it comes to food and physical activity, what we feel is much harder to control. Stress seems almost impossible to avoid by most of us …

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alpha zxt

Alpha ZXT Review

Brain enhancers make for a large portion of the health supplement market. Most of us are eager to try them, either for issues brought on by stress or as energy boosters in the early mornings. These products are usually divided in two distinct categories, with some of them designed for the slow improvement of all cognitive functions and the others …

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Taking sodium warnings with a pinch of salt

When I was a small child, my father’s cravings for salt were legendary in our family. He put it on everything. In fact, his skin was so salty that when we went for a walk in the woods, deer would actually come up to him and lick him (the God’s honest truth). Of course, I thought it was great because …

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gout foods to avoid

Dietary don’ts when it comes to dealing with joint pain and gout

Maintaining a proper diet plays an important part in relieving joint pain naturally. For instance, gout sufferers need to make sure that they keep to low purine diets in order to reduce the build up of uric acids that can crystallize in their joints, acting as an abrasive and causing swelling there. In fact, raw fruits (particularly strawberries and cherries, …

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