Toning down tinnitus

Tinnitus or ringing in the ear is a condition affecting nearly 36 million people throughout the United States. While it can be annoying, most of the time it is not considered to be a serious problem by anyone other than the person afflicted, who often finds their her head filled with sounds ranging from a buzzing or hissing to something …

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Fluoride, Pineal Gland-Body inflammation and Disease

Fluoride, Pineal Gland – Body inflammation and Disease “I think many of the boundaries that convention has placed upon us are arbitrary, so we can fiddle with them if we fancy. Gravity’s hard to dispute, and breathing, but a lot of things we instinctively obey are a lot of old tosh.” Russell Brand -The Awaken Man Our lives are connected …

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Two thirds of world population under 50 said to harbor herpes virus

Shocking as it may seem, the World Health Organization (WHO) contends that 2/3 of all people under 50 (approximately 3.7 billion worldwide) harbor the highly infectious herpes HSV-1 virus (which causes cold sores). That is on top of 417 million people 17-49 who have the other form of the disease, HSV-2, responsible for genital herpes. While HSV-1 normally causes mouth …

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cognitine brain supplement

Cognitine Reviews

Cognitine is a brain supplement designed to sustain proper cognitive functions in people of all ages, providing them with enhanced learning abilities, memory and concentration. It seems to have been released in the past year and it’s one of many products that come with the same claims, so next we’ll find out if it has any advantages over it’s competitors. …

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processed meat

Controversial WHO Report links processed meats to higher risk of cancer

While many people have already suspected a link between processed meats, i.e. sausage, hot dogs, salami, jerky and bacon, etc., to a higher risk for cancer, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a research division of the World Health Organization has announced that a new study has confirmed red meat as “probably carcinogenic,” (likely to cause cancer). In …

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buy bowtrol probiotic

Bowtrol Probiotic Reviews – Does it Work?

Bowtrol Probiotic is a health supplement designed to improve digestive health and immunity, supposedly including some of the most beneficial strains of bacteria. It also contains a variety of prebiotics, and at first glance it would seem like the perfect choice for anyone who suffers from mild digestive disorders. But the number of probiotic supplements available on the market today …

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gmo baby

Baby Formula and GMO – How bad can it be for your child`s health?

  “A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.”  ― Carl Sandburg If we look at nature, if we look at the seeds we plant every day and grow healthy and in harmony with nature, we see the results of the labour of love.  A child, a new born is a new miracle brought into this world.  A …

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foods for brain

Foods That May Help Save Your Memory

What Are The Best Food To Improve Memory! The foods we choose to eat have a huge impact on our health and influence the functioning of our brain. We can prevent the appearance of memory loss if we eat healthy foods, rich in nutrients effective in nourishing our brain. Saving our memory is essential for a normal and healthy life. …

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Scientists make groundbreaking cardiovascular discovery regarding Nature’s Sunshine -9+ Formula

Arginine plays an important role in cell division, the healing of wounds, removing ammonia from the body, immune function, and the release of hormones.It also shortens the amount of time the body needs to heal damaged tissue and bone injuries, as well as helps lower blood pressure in clinical hypertensive subjects, The body converts the amino acid L-arginine into nitric …

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Juicing – Prevent and Beat Cancer!

Nature itself is the best physician. Hippocrates (c.460 – 400 BC) October is the Month of Breast cancer awareness.  Awareness and prevention are essential in health.  We love to see our loved ones in good health and it is in our power collectively to build a new world, and a cancer free community.  It is  not an Utopia but a reality …

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