An eye on optic nerve swelling

Optic neuritis is swelling and inflammation of the optic nerve which may result in dull pain behind the eye, and cause visual impairments such as blurry and distorted vision as well as “blind spots,” and/or “flashing lights, which may become more apparent over the course of several hours, or days. This affliction is most common in people aged 18 through …

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synagen iq footer

Synagen IQ Reviews

Synagen IQ is new brain enhancing supplement that’s supposed to prevent age-related mental decline. That’s not to say that it’s intended for older users, because as it’s also stated on the official website of the supplement, cognitive abilities start to decrease at some very unexpected ages. People as young as 30 can notice memory loss and difficulty in concentration, so …

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Yeastrol Reviews

Yeastrol product is designed as a natural treatment for yeast infections, claiming to relieve all the symptoms associated with the affection if used for an extended period of time. A homeopathic remedy, Yeastrol is one of the most popular over-the-counter treatments for candidiasis, as it doesn’t only address the infection that commonly affects women, but all heath problems caused by yeast. …

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pink blue brain

There is no such thing as blue or pink brains

Science be damned. While a new study led by Daphan Joel a behavioral neuroscientist at Tel Aviv University, has shown that there is no such thing as a distinctly female brain vs a distinctly male brain (at least structurally), most people will continue to believe that there is a definite difference in the way they behave and process the world …

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perfect origins perfectbiotics

Perfect Origins Reviews

PerfectBiotics by Perfect Origins is supposed to be the best product of it’s type, as it’s manufactured using a technology that allows the microorganisms to survive stomach acids and reach the intestine ready to do their job, which means that it doesn’t suffer from the problem that affects most of the probiotic supplements. But while this a great feature, it …

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brain heal

Heal your brain and get rid of depression or anxiety

Heal Your Brain Naturally We find easily solutions for a headache, a stomachache or a cold or flu, but when it comes to healing the brain, it seems impossible. Problems such as depression, panic attacks, or anxiety overtake us and control our lives. As many of us have experienced, healing our mind is not as easy as treating pain or …

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skin cancer drugs

Escalating cost for skin cancer drugs could make you break out in hives

While people are aware that drug prices have been soaring over the past few years, most think in terms prescription for diseases such as hepatitis C. HIV/AIDs, painkillers, etc. What they may not realize that brand name prescription skin treatments have escalated over 400% since 2009. In fact, a report just released by JAMA Dermatology compared this to an inflation …

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10 best apps

10 Best Apps To Train Your Brain

What are the 10 best apps to train your brain? We need a sharp mind, whether are students or pupils, we work in a field that stimulates us intellectually, or we are simply retired. Improving our memory and cognitive functions makes our lives easier. That is why we must try to stimulate the brain whenever we can, to be more …

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ZetaClear Reviews

ZetaClear is a popular natural treatment that addresses nail fungus, claiming to not only relieve its symptoms but cure it completely if used over an extended period of time. Given that this affection is notoriously difficult to treat and a serious esthetic problem, there’s no wonder that people often turn to alternative medicine in hopes that nature can offer a …

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Diabacor Reviews

Diabacor is a health supplement designed to improve overall health and decrease the symptoms of diabetes, but unlike many similar products it’s not presented as a potent treatment that is able to help all users. In fact, it’s official website doesn’t focus at all on it’s effects over diabetes, although this affection is exactly what most clients use it for. …

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