Recognizing citric acid sensitivity

Although it is known that people who take too much vitamin C (whether in tablet form or by drinking excessive amounts of orange juice have been known to end up with orange tinted skin, actual allergies to citric acid are rare, and often difficult to diagnosis as compared to other food sensitivity. One reason is that it is used as …

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durden tactical soap

Durden by Grondyke Soap Reviews

rondyke Soap is a pheromone-based product destined for men. It’s actual name is Durden, but since it’s the only product manufactured by Grondyke Soap Company, customers don’t feel the need to differentiate between the two. But the name does matter, because it says a lot about what the soap is supposed to do. It’s inspired by Tyler Durden, a movie …

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When it comes to weight gain in babies, more is not always better

Chubby babies may look cute, but too much baby fat can pose serious health risks for kids as they age, and we don’t just mean as adults, but as elementary school age youngsters. In addition, the rate that infants and toddlers pack on the pounds without matching increases in height has been found to seriously affect their chances of developing …

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The undeniable tie between dental and mental health

Tooth decay and gum disease have long been connected to heart problems and other health issues as infections caused by the bacteria spread through the blood stream. However, new studies conducted by the American Dental Association as well as Sweden’s Karolinska Institute’s department of dental medicine have found deep lying connections between dental health and mental health. In fact, while …

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antidote street

Antidote Street Reviews | Best Kits for Curly Hair

Antidote Street offers a large variety of black hair and skin care products that are otherwise difficult to find in stores. Its purpose is to provide customers with quality products that suit their needs, preventing them from wasting time and even money. Having an entire collection of beauty products at their fingertips allows clients to order exactly what they need …

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Should there be an age limit for mammograms?

While the debate continues over when women should start getting regular mammograms, a new discussion has opened up about when it is no longer necessary. Although most recommendations are for women to begin at age 40- 50, my own doctor suggested his patients get a baseline test at 30 so he could “have something healthy to compare to in the …

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aviva hair

Aviva Hair Review | Nutrition Hair Revitalizer

Aviva Hair Nutrition is a hair loss treatment designed specifically for women. It’s supposed to promote healthy hear growth by revitalizing the roots, no matter what is the cause of the damage. And this product is presented as a “hair regrowth miracle”, which is a rather brave claim given that many different factors can cause hair loss in women. But …

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Skinade Collagen Drink Review | Does it Work?

Skinade is a collagen-based drink that’s supposed to fight wrinkles from inside out. Its claimed that it increases the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, as the active ingredients are delivered into the blood stream and benefit the entire body. It seems to be a good alternative to beauty creams and serums, but does it really work? After all, many …

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exercise for health

A daily dose of exercise can reduce mortality risk

While we all know the importance of getting adequate exercise is for people trying to lose weight, agencies such as the CDC have also stressed that remaining physically active is important in helping ward off certain malignancies including diabetes, osteoporosis, cancers of the colon and prostate, and even dementia, not to mention eye diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts and …

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omega rejuvenol

Omega Rejuvenol Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

Omega Rejuvenol is a dietary supplement designed to support healthy aging. But given all its claimed benefits, it might be a good option for people of all ages. This supplement should be able to improve all aspects of health, and its effects should be easy to notice. Omega Rejuvenol is supposedly very beneficial for the skin, so it should help …

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