Does swabbing C-section babies with their moms’ vaginal germs improve their immune systems?

While we may not like to think about the fact that microbes are ever present in out bodies, from those found on our skin to beneficial bacteria in our guts (collectively known as our microbiome) that help keep us healthy. In fact, most of us are bathed in bacteria the minute we exit our mother’s vagina. However, those born via …

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When baby blues turn black

For the first time, the US Preventative Services Task Force (an independent group appointed by the US Department of Health and Human Services) has recognized that not only has depression become an epidemic among adults of both genders, it now reports that it has become a “leading cause of disease-related disability among women” both hear and abroad. And while new …

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Groei360 Reviews | Regrow Hair Naturally or Scam?

Groei360 is a non-invasive, all-natural hair loss treatment. It’s one of the many products designed to handle this upsetting issue, but it has one trait that sets it aside: Groei360 is supposed to provide the same benefits for both male and female users. This is a very bold claim given that hair loss can be caused by many different factors, …

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Smart people play it by ear

Everyone knows how important visual health is. But many people tend to ignore their audio health until it is too late. In fact, it is now estimated that 36 million people suffer from some sort of hearing loss. What they may not realize is that there is a direct correlation between hearing loss and other health issues including depression, cognitive …

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ProlaZyme Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

ProlaZyme is a new dietary supplement that promises to improve health on all levels. It’s one of the many that are released on a monthly basis, but it manages to stand out. It seems that this product is a probiotic, muscle enhancer and general health aid all in one, and it has an ingredient list that we haven’t encountered in …

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Recognizing citric acid sensitivity

Although it is known that people who take too much vitamin C (whether in tablet form or by drinking excessive amounts of orange juice have been known to end up with orange tinted skin, actual allergies to citric acid are rare, and often difficult to diagnosis as compared to other food sensitivity. One reason is that it is used as …

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durden tactical soap

Durden by Grondyke Soap Reviews

rondyke Soap is a pheromone-based product destined for men. It’s actual name is Durden, but since it’s the only product manufactured by Grondyke Soap Company, customers don’t feel the need to differentiate between the two. But the name does matter, because it says a lot about what the soap is supposed to do. It’s inspired by Tyler Durden, a movie …

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When it comes to weight gain in babies, more is not always better

Chubby babies may look cute, but too much baby fat can pose serious health risks for kids as they age, and we don’t just mean as adults, but as elementary school age youngsters. In addition, the rate that infants and toddlers pack on the pounds without matching increases in height has been found to seriously affect their chances of developing …

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The undeniable tie between dental and mental health

Tooth decay and gum disease have long been connected to heart problems and other health issues as infections caused by the bacteria spread through the blood stream. However, new studies conducted by the American Dental Association as well as Sweden’s Karolinska Institute’s department of dental medicine have found deep lying connections between dental health and mental health. In fact, while …

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antidote street

Antidote Street Reviews | Best Kits for Curly Hair

Antidote Street offers a large variety of black hair and skin care products that are otherwise difficult to find in stores. Its purpose is to provide customers with quality products that suit their needs, preventing them from wasting time and even money. Having an entire collection of beauty products at their fingertips allows clients to order exactly what they need …

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