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find out lesser known eating disorders

Lesser known eating disorders

Lesser known eating disorders When we think of eating disorders we reflect on the more common conditions like anorexia nervosa and bulimia. Celebrities and other famous individuals that suffered from eating disorders have made anorexia and bulimia household terms. However, there are other forms of eating disorders that are not so well-known — nighttime eating syndrome (NES), orthorexia nervosa, diabulimia, …

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fertility education

Women call for more fertility education

Although National Infertility Awareness Week ended April 30, it is not too late to report on the results of a survey consisting of 1,208 interviews of women ages 25-45 without children in the United States conducted by Fertility Centers of Illinois (FCI) online March 4-9, 2016. Participants were recruited from multiple web-based recruiting panels. Results revealed that approximately 89% percent …

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VitaPulse Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

VitaPulse is a health supplement that’s supposed to benefit all aspects of health despite having a very simple composition. This product is a blend of antioxidants, which should have a powerful effect on every cell in the body and prevent dangerous affections. It’s only one of the many products of its type, and at first glance, nothing sets it apart …

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Drinking your Way into Being Healthy

Drinking your Way into Being Healthy

Drinking your Way into Being Healthy   No alcohol involved, sorry. There are some incredible drinks out there with the most extraordinary benefits and properties. Here we are showing you some of them, along with what they can help you with in order to become healthier. They are all easy, tasty drinks and teas that can boost your health and …

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lack of sleep make you sick

Connection between lack of sleep and more colds

People who sacrifice sleep in the name of productivity are making a bad trade-off” according to Aric Prather, who found that people who sleep 5 or less hours per night during the week are 28% more likely to suffer colds than those who get at least 7-hours of slumber, Even worse, a survey of 22,000 people across the US found …

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Thermocell Cellulite Defense Reviews

Thermocell Cellulite Defense is presented as the most effective anti-cellulite treatment available for at-home use. It’s claimed to be fast acting, painless and much more affordable than similar solutions, and 100% safe for health. It’s a 2-step system, but it requires much less effort than other anti-cellulite solutions. Thermocell Celulite Defense is supposed to generate the best results when used …

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Abortion: The Basics and the Controversy

Abortion: The Basics and the Controversy The termination of pregnancy is considered a taboo all around the world, we are not encouraged to understand it, speak about it and much less, do it. Recently, there has been a lot of polemic following laws that prohibit it and the regular discussion on whether or not women should have the right to …

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Provailen Reviews | Arthritis Pain Relief

Provailen is a natural health supplement that is presented as the ultimate solution for arthritis pain. It’s supposed to be powerful enough to replace prescription medication, while at the same time being unable to generate any side effects. Still, this product is not claimed to be a miracle cure. It’s supposed to only treat the symptoms of arthritis, not its …

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fibrolief featured

Fibrolief Reviews | Fight Fibromyalgia The Natural Way!

An all-natural health supplement, Fibrolief is presented as able to relieve the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Its purpose alone makes this product very interesting, because not only is fibromyalgia a very serious condition, but it’s also incurable. Very few supplements promise to treat dangerous health affections and even fewer deal with this problem, in particular, so Fibrolief is surely worth a …

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linsday istace rage yoga

Rage Yoga gets people fired-up and fit

Forget the Zen, Lindsay Marie Istace of Calgary, Canada believes getting loud and dirty through yoga is the best way to get rid of negative emotions and building inner strength while stretching, and encourages her students to curse, drink booze and listen to lots of heavy metal music. In fact, Istace, who created Rage Yoga firmly believes that swearing up …

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