eat plancenta

Should you eat your baby’s placenta?

The practice of eating placenta (known as placentrophagy) has gained popularity among a number of celebrities, including Kim Kardashian-West, her sister Kourtney, as well as January Jones and Mowry Twins Tia and Tamera. Yet despite claims that eating your own afterbirth not only boosts production of breast milk, and “level” off hormones that can contribute to postpartum depression and insomnia, …

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eye disease

Eye disease linked to too much sunlight

We all depend on the sun for life (including as a primary source of Vitamin D). However, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. For instance, while humans require only 20 minutes of direct sunlight per day for their health, overexposure to its UV radiation can eventually result in cancer and oxidative damage to the eyes …

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mink oil

Mink oil for healthy skin

Massaging mink oil into one’s face every day can reduce both the appearance of wrinkles and age spots. In addition, mink oil has been found to protect skin by sealing it against the elements (wind, water, and air), it has proven a useful ingredient in lotions and cleansers used to dissolve dirt and excess oil that can block pores. Mink …

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high blood sugar accelerate aging process

High blood sugar may accelerate aging process

Ever wonder why some people seem to get wrinkles, while others don’t? One reason may be due to “glycation,” a term used to describe the binding together of sugar molecules in the bloodstream to collagen and elastin to form AGES (advanced glycation end-products) that damage the skin. In addition, recent studies have found that these molecules are most likely contributors …

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winnie harlow vitiligo

New line of dolls faces up to vitiligo

While bullying and body shaming may have increased thanks to throngs of trolls using social media, there has been a growing trend to encourage people to take pride in themselves, regardless of their physical attributes (or lack there of) beginning at a young age. This includes developing new lines of toys that reflect the changing face of America. In fact, …

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buy zz snore

ZZ Snore Reviews

ZZ Snore Can Help You Sleep Better Without Snoring ZZ Snore Review: Do you or your partner have problems with snoring? Have you ever wondered how to cure snoring or how to stop snoring at night? Have you been searching for ways to reduce snoring or ways to stop snoring? Some people have snoring problems while they are sleeping. Snoring …

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Miracle Bust Reviews

Does Miracle Bust Breast Enlargement Pills Work Or Is It Just A Trick? Miracle Bust Review: There was a saying: “If you want to look good, you have to suffer a little bit”. This is not the case anymore. You can look good without that portion of pain from surgeries or implants. All women want to have perfect bodies, exactly …

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cbd vs thc

CBD vs THC – Benefits, Side Effects Revealed

Both Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) are natural compounds found in the cannabis plant. While they have identical chemical compositions, the major difference between the two is that THC is psychoactive, while CBD is not. And this difference is crucial to understanding the way each compound works. Due to this essential difference, THC has been labeled as “unsafe” and CBD as …

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heating pads

Are heating pads becoming passé?

Thanks to infrared light pain relief therapy, heating pads may now become passé as more people discover its therapeutic advantages and begin to use small hand-held infrared light machines to alleviate their pains in the privacy and convenience at home. It has also become a preferred method of treating pain and stiffness by professional sports teams as well as different …

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where to buy pure cbd oil

Where to Buy Pure CBD Oil?

Whether in the form of vaping kits or edibles, Pure CBD Oil has become increasingly more popular to the worldwide public in recent years. As a result, many questions regarding this product have followed as well, like ‘How does Pure CBD Oil impact your organism?’, ‘Is Pure CBD Oil legal?’ or ‘Where to buy Pure CBD Oil?’. Truth be told, …

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