where to buy pure cbd oil

Where to Buy Pure CBD Oil?

Whether in the form of vaping kits or edibles, Pure CBD Oil has become increasingly more popular to the worldwide public in recent years. As a result, many questions regarding this product have followed as well, like ‘How does Pure CBD Oil impact your organism?’, ‘Is Pure CBD Oil legal?’ or ‘Where to buy Pure CBD Oil?’.

Truth be told, Pure CBD Oil has always seemed to be a controversial topic due to its frequent association with the notion of getting ‘high’ and junkie culture. Less emphasis has been put on its medical and pain relieving potential, which is exactly the reason why so many people are currently becoming interested in Pure CBD Oil in the first place.

So what is the truth about Pure CBD Oil after all? Let us find out.

What is Pure CBD Oil?

CBD Oil – or Cannabidiol Oil – is extracted from the hemp or cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa).

Throughout the course of history, hemp has been used as a type of raw material in the process of making various fabrics and textiles (due to its fibrous nature). Nevertheless, hemp has also been employed as a valuable source of medicinal healing due to its influence on pain management, for instance.

There are numerous cannabidiol-based products on the market nowadays, from CBD vaping liquids and edibles to tinctures, sprays, gum, and drops. Nevertheless, CBD Oil stands out as one of the most popular such products as a result of its easy to use format and multiple health benefits.                              

Pure CBD Oil represents the type of hemp oil which does not have any additives or fillers in its composition. It is usually extracted from the stem of the plant under strict conditions to ensure the best quality and shelf life.

Is Pure CBD Oil Legal To Use?

The question which automatically arises in conjunction with Pure CBD Oil is that of its lawful status. After all, doesn’t it fall under the category of ‘illegal substances’?

For many years, any product that had anything remotely in common with cannabis or marijuana was considered a ‘drug’ and therefore viewed suspiciously by the wider range of consumers.

What is important to understand in the case of Pure CBD Oil – and other cannabidiol-based products, for that matter – is that they lack the psychoactive properties that can be normally found in recreational drugs.

The mood altering effects of cannabis come from other cannabinoids such as THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which have been known to create a euphoric state of mind, hallucinations, paranoia, etc. when consumed in different forms.

Luckily, CBD brings the ‘best of both worlds’ to the table in the sense that it is safe to use (it does not get you ‘high’) and beneficial for your organism. On the other hand, state laws and commercialization policies are not the same around the world, with the distinction between ‘legal marijuana’ and ‘medical CBD’ frequently being blurry or currently unsettled due to the issue of THC residues which might still be found after the plant’s industrial processing.

For example, large scale hemp production is legal in over 30 U.S. states at the moment, meaning that CBD products are becoming more common and accepted. Conversely, you will you need a doctor’s prescription in order to use CBD in countries like New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

In Europe, CBD is generally classified in official cosmetic and food catalogs as legal to employ and distribute as long as the product’s overall THC concentration is under 0.1%.

What Are the Benefits of Pure CBD Oil?

As mentioned beforehand, cannabidiol is a non-psychotropic cannabinoid compound that constitutes up to 40% of hemp’s chemical makeup.

The cannabis plant contains over 100 distinct cannabinoids that, once consumed or inhaled, bind to their corresponding receptors in the human brain. This results in modified neurological signals that trigger anything from pain alleviation to lowered inflammation response and even increased control over epileptic seizures, for example.

While mood altering cannabinoids of the THC variety are sought after for their hallucinogenic and ‘feel good’ effects, Pure CBD Oil and other similar products have the distinct advantage of being able to both improve your health and elevate your mindset without messing up your focus and lucidity.

The analgesic, antioxidant, and neuroprotective benefits of cannabidiol have therefore been used to alleviate the symptoms commonly associated with multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and neurodegenerative illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Other health issues that have seen improvements from cannabidiol administration include muscle and joint pain, as well as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disease.

Those who have suffered from chronic pain for various reasons can definitely find relief in Pure CBD Oil since this type of supplementation can act as a natural painkiller, but without the fear of it creating addictions.

How Do You Use Pure CBD Oil?

As a dietary supplement, Pure CBD Oil is most often distributed in the shape of tincture bottles, although softgel capsules, edible snacks, and cannabidiol infused gum are also popular forms of supplementation. The daily dose administered depends on the product’s recommendations and your personal needs.

If you are using Pure CBD Oil in its liquid format, then the first step is to shake your tincture bottle very well in order to blend it, then take the amount you need and place it under your tongue.

Wait for anything between 1-1 ½ minutes for the oil to be absorbed properly, then swallow whatever might be left (if the taste is unpleasant, you can wash it down with water or juice). Repeat as necessary to prevent or relieve pain, inflammation, and other health issues.

Are There Any Side Effects to Pure CBD Oil?

Pure CBD Oil has not been associated with any major side effects in the past, regardless of the dose administered and/ or its frequency. So try not to worry if you have used a couple more drops or capsules than you would have liked to since no fatal overdoses connected to Pure CBD Oil consumption have been reported so far.

Even so, larger quantities of Pure CBD Oil can have a sedative effect (but not to the point where they impede your normal day-to-day activities) and cause gastrointestinal upset (diarrhea, in particular).

Where Can I Buy Pure CBD Oil? How Much Does Pure CBD Oil Cost?


Amazon offers a wider variety of Pure CBD Oil from brands like Nutiva, Rocky Mountain Hemp Co., and Just Hemp Foods. Pure CBD Oil tinctures of this kind sold in the price range of $8.99 to $45.99 (or from $0.67/fl oz to $1.12/fl oz).

Aside from Pure CBD Oil, you can also find hemp edibles such as raw seeds, brownies, protein bars, and even hemp-based energy drinks. These vary in price between $9.39 and $50.76 depending on the product in question (quantity, number of servings, etc.).

Among the advantages of purchasing Pure CBD Oil from Amazon are international shipping options, as well as the presence of customer reviews for each individual product.


This online platform sells different types of CBD, from oils and topical creams to serums and tinctures. The price range for these products is situated between $9.99 and $84.99, plus shipping & handling fees.

Shopping for Pure CBD Oil via eBay can actually help you choose the best such product for you because you can compare these offers in real time and decide what would work best for your particular needs (from the oil’s composition to cost and shipping options, for instance).

The fact that product sellers can be rated by customers also comes in handy in that it allows you to know beforehand whether your Pure CBD Oil source is reliable or not.


If you live in the U.S., then one easy way you could purchase your Pure CBD Oil supplement is from your local Walmart.

This retailing company promotes hemp products from brands like Sansal Wellness, Manitoba, Absolute Scientific, Nature’s Bounty, and Earthly Body. The prevalent format for hemp oil from this outlet seems to be that of a liquid, although Pure CBD Oil capsules and salves are also in demand. Hemp-derived products can be acquired from this store for as little as $8.98 and as high as $199.99.

While Walmart does not ship its products internationally, it does offer free domestic shipping and the possibility of reviewing these products online for future buyers as well.

Cheeba Chews

This U.S.-based company specializes in both mood altering and non-psychoactive hemp products in the shape of edibles, chewing gum, and gummies.

Unfortunately, they are only available domestically and in the states which have already legalized hemp cultivation and processing. For example, their Cheeba Chews CBD gum – although categorized as non-psychoactive – still contains 50mg of CBD and 2mg THC, which obviously makes it illegal to own in most places around the world.

Still, those who do have access to these products could benefit from good quality CBD supplements with prices in the $10-$100 range.

Pure Science Lab

This outlet focuses on a diverse range of CBD products, from edibles and capsules to vaping oils and the equipment to go with them.

The company claims that their ‘CBD hemp oil is 100% legal hemp oil’, obtained from ‘premium extracts’ via ‘medical grade CO2’. It comes as no surprise to know then that their cannabidiol selection, therefore, falls on the more expensive side, their priciest item is valued at $1,995.

One advantage would be that Pure Science Lab ships internationally, while also offering a 7-days money back guarantee (which is applicable mostly to domestic shipping within the U.S.).

Green Wellness

From cannabidiol capsules and liquid drops to vape kit pens and vaping oils, Green Wellness delivers numerous Pure CBD Oil products to choose from. Their selected brands include True Hemp’s Chews, Mary’s Nutritionals, Entourage Hemp, and Pure Ratios.

With a price scale going from $13 to $170, Green Wellness can be considered fairly affordable and display a pretty satisfactory quality-to-price ratio for most of its items.

Their international shipping feature means you should be able to enjoy the advantages of non-psychoactive paraphernalia outside U.S. borders too, while the customer reviews accompanying each product’s selling page can help you decide what to buy and what to avoid from this company.

Medical Marijuana Inc.

Medical Marijuana Inc. is yet another relevant example of more ‘high-end’ Pure CBD Oil products. Their emphasis on quality and purity for their cannabidiol oils, tinctures, liquids, and capsules is clearly reflected in the products’ prices, which cover the $29-$279 cost range.

Although this outlet ships internationally, they do not assume responsibility for your country’s legislation regarding CBD purchasing and consumption, which is something to also take into consideration.

Pure CBD Oil – Is It Worth Buying?

The reality of Pure CBD Oil as a dietary supplement (in its many forms) is that there is still a stigma associated with anything cannabis related or derived from this plant. Unclear or unfavorable laws might very well limit your contact with cannabidiol products, especially since not all CBD items are high quality and THC-free.

As you might have noticed from the outlets presented beforehand, many distributors are wary in terms of shipping their CBD products outside the U.S. for legal reasons. This has either to do with their items’ quality (namely the presence of THC in their formula) or the yet unresolved confusion surrounding the cannabidiol/ marijuana topic.

Regardless, it is up to you to decide whether Pure CBD Oil is a good option for your personal well-being and happiness. Talking to a medical professional can aid you in understanding which CBD oil is best for your specific condition or whether an alternative to cannabidiol would be more appropriate (due to legal or other reasons).

In addition, purchasing quality cannabidiol products can ensure you get the most health benefits out of CBD administration, at the same time avoiding any mood altering situations or ‘trouble with the law’ instances, for that matter.

So, as long as you stay on the right side of both lawfulness and mindful supplementation, you should not have anything less of pleasant experience with Pure CBD Oil.

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