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Blood Sugar Optimizer

Blood Sugar Optimizer Review: Does it Work ?

Most supplements address issues that while might cause difficulties in everyday life don’t necessarily pose an immediate threat to health. Weight loss, body building or anti-aging products make up for the largest portion of supplements sold both on the internet and in location stores, and often times giving them a try doesn’t involve many risks. But some supplements deal with serious and very dangerous health problems and deserve a careful examination, especially when they’re sold exclusively through the online medium.

Ordering online means that the customer has no chance of checking the product prior to purchasing it, and this gives way for many companies that are only interested in profit to release on the market different products that not only are ineffective but might even be dangerous. And when these products should fix health issues that are in themselves extremely serious, the risks are especially high. So next we’ll have a look at a supplement that claims to help with one of the most common and dangerous diseases, while at the same time being commercialized solely through the internet. Judging by it’s nature alone we could assume that there’s no way it could be safe, but researching it turned out to be a very surprising experience.

What is Blood Sugar Optimizer?

buy blood sugar optimizer Blood Sugar Optimizer supplement is a blend of plant extracts, vitamins and minerals that claims to be able to deal with the symptoms of diabetes to the point where no other medication is required. Manufactured by HFL Solutions (with “HFL” being an abbreviation for “Health, Fitness and Longevity”), it’s made in the USA and it’ supposed to be completely natural and even vegetarian friendly. This company claims to have many years of experience in manufacturing quality health supplements, and more than 300,000 satisfied customers for this product alone.

We weren’t able to find much information about the company, but we did discover that they have an entire line of health products that are very well presented, and are also very active in social media through the founder, Dr. Sam Robbins. Because he doesn’t list many of his credentials, it’s safe to assume that Sam Robbins is not a medical doctor, although he seems to have much experience with alternative medicine and “doctor” is a title commonly used for experts in this area. Dr. Robbins owns a blog where he offers health advice and it’s the voice of the presentation available on Blood Sugar Optimizer’s official website, and later we’ll discuss more about how this product is advertised. But for low let’s see what this supplement is supposed to do.

Blood sugar optimizer claims to be able to support healthy blood sugar and insulin levels, and improve glucose metabolism. It’s also supposed to help with high blood pressure and cholesterol, and even generate weight loss in it’s users. It should also reduce sugar cravings, and it’s fit for the majority of diets as it doesn’t contain gluten and allergens like peanuts, soy, dairy or eggs, while also being GMO (genetically modified organism) free and lacking any types of fillers and additives. It’s manufactured in a facility that follows the rules established by FDA and it’s NSF and GMP certified, and it should not only be able to help with diabetes but prevent it in those that are genetically predisposed to this disease. But before analyzing it’s ingredients, let’s have a look at the very dangerous health issue.

The problem

Diabetes is a condition in which the body in not able to produce enough insulin for the proper metabolism of glucose. In some cases, insulin is not produced at all and the hormone needs to be provided to the sufferer through injections. This is type 1 diabetes, and those affected by it make up a small percentage of all those struggling with this affection.

Because most of those with diabetes suffer from type 2, the condition in which the body can’t produce all the insulin it needs. It’s symptoms are easier to keep under control than those of type one, with insulin usually being administered in the form of tablets and diet and exercise being able to bring positive changes. Type 2 diabetes usually follows prediabetes, a condition in which the glucose levels are higher than normal but not yet dangerous. And diabetes can also be developed by pregnant women, in which case the disease is easier to keep under control and will most likely disappear after delivery.

Those who suffer from type one will struggle with this condition all their lives, but those with type 2 can make amazing progress through life style changes, even up to the point where the symptoms disappear completely. But all diabetes sufferers can lead a normal life with the use of medication, diet and exercise, and also by watching their weight. Type 2 diabetes is most commonly developed by obese people (especially those with high amounts of visceral, or belly fat) even if in many cases the causes of the disease are genetic. Those with family members suffering from diabetes should take all precaution measures even if they’re in excellent health condition, as this disease becomes more and more common. Hundreds of millions of people suffer from diabetes worldwide, and while the disease itself doesn’t cause immediate symptoms, it’s complications are very dangerous.

Diabetes doesn’t only cause problems with insulin production, but also with the way the body processes it. In a healthy person, the pancreas produces enough insulin to properly help glucose be absorbed by the cells. Glucose is a type of sugar found in the blood and it’s the result of healthy digestion. Most of the food ingested is turned into glucose, which is next in released in the bloodstream. From there it will be carried to all the cells, which will use it as an energy source. If not enough insulin is released, the glucose won’t be properly absorbed by the cells and will remain in the blood, hence the high blood sugar. This will manifest through frequent urination, unusual weight loss, extreme hunger and thirst, tingling in hands and feet, and wounds that are very hard to heal.

But the condition can also cause leg complications that can even lead to amputation, neuropathy (pains that can be from mild to very severe and are generated by nerve damage caused by the disease), infections, high blood pressure (which is very common in diabetes) and heart issues that can lead to stroke and even heart attack. Also, it can raise the level of cholesterol, one of the most dangerous “health enemies”. This substance is essential for the body, being part of the cell structure and important in the digestive process, vitamin D production, and even the synthesizing of hormones, but in extreme amounts it will build up in the arteries. This will cause them to clog, which will eventually lead to heart problems, including stroke and heart attack. Because it’s a “fatty” substance, the best way of keeping it under control is a low fat diet combined with exercise. Which will also benefit diabetes and all it’s complications altogether.

And Blood Sugar Optimizer claims to generate positive effects in diabetes sufferers without the help of either healthy diet or exercise. It’s “Synergy Optimizer Blend” is guaranteed to work wonders for all those affected by the disease, and before we get to the specific ingredients, let’s see what it looks able to do.

Does Blood Sugar Optimizer really work?blood sugar optimizer work

It actually might, even if we don’t have much feedback from the users. The official website offers testimonies from happy customers, who as we’d stated before should number hundreds of thousands, but we’re not able to find out what the customers believe from any other sources. Given that the company has been in business for many years now, it’s odd that opinions about all the products aren’t expressed more openly. On the other hand, no negative reviews are available either, so we can safely assume that the company doesn’t manufacture dangerous products or uses deceitful sales tactics.

Actually, this product has one of the most honest presentations we have ever seen. All the information that a potential customer might need is available on the website, including details about an auto-ship offer. Auto shipping is the nightmare of many internet shoppers because it’s often used as a marketing scheme. Most people never notice the small print on the order page (which is how this type of information is usually displayed just so the practice remains legitimate), but it this case the auto-ship program is part of an offer where the product is available with a substantial discount. The potential customer can check to see exactly what this offer is about, leaving no unanswered questions.

And the video presentation is also one of the most decent we’ve come across, with the narrator (Dr. Sam Robbins) approaching the viewer in a respectful manner, not employing scare tactics in an attempt to sell the product and basing his speech on real facts. So when it comes to products marketed through the internet, this one might just have the best possible marketing approach. Given that outrageous claims or manipulation attempts are not considered acceptable by this company, we can assume that the product can stand on it’s own merit. The list of ingredients (which is provided in it’s entirety by the website and on the packaging of the product) also makes Blood Sugar Optimizer look as good as possible, and next we’ll find out what each of them is all about.

What are the ingredients?

A total of 22 ingredients are found in this supplement, with 9 of them being part of the “Synergy Optimizer Blend”. This “blend” should guarantee major improvements in all diabetes sufferers, but first let’s start with the compounds that accompany it, which are an interesting combination of vitamins and minerals.

  • Magnesium is extremely important for all body functions, not only contributing to strong bones along with calcium but also regulating blood pressure and heart rhythm.
  • Zinc on the other hand is an essential trace element, which means that the body only needs it in very small amounts. It’s used for respiratory problems and even in very serious diseases like malaria and issues of the brain. It seems like it can boost the entire immune system, but it’s also effective in the treatment of diabetes. It might also help in high blood pressure, but an interesting discovery shows that low zinc levels are often associated with diabetes, which means that it should be at least be useful as a prevention measure.
  • Then we have manganese, a mineral that is not only important for the development of strong bones, but also for the proper metabolism of cholesterol, carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients. It’s used in the treatment of many health problems, including diabetes.
  • Next on the list is chromium, another essential trace element that seems like one of the most efficient found in this blend. This metal seems able to control the level of blood sugar in those that suffer from prediabetes and lower the level of “bad” cholesterol while increasing the amount of the “good” type of this substance. It also seems efficient in weight loss, and it provides these effects by improving the metabolism of insulin, both in it’s production and usage by the body.
  • The last mineral on the list is selenium, which not only seems to increase the action of antioxidants but might be effective as a treatment for heart and blood vessel conditions, especially in the hardening of the arteries. It also helps in decreasing the level of cholesterol, but it’s used for the treatment of many health affections, including chronic fatigues and mood disorders.
  • Further on the list we have the vitamins, starting with vitamin C. This compound has strong antioxidant effects and it’s commonly used for cold, skin issues and even a range of brain and mental diseases, but it might also help the heart and blood vessels, especially in those suffering from hardening of the arteries. This makes it a good preventive measure for high blood pressure and heart attack, as it’s vitamin E, which is also included in Blood Sugar Optimizer. This substance is also an antioxidant, and it’s used in the treatment of the same heart and vessel conditions as vitamin C, with the difference that this compound is actually considered effective in full blown diabetes and not just some of it’s symptoms. It also helps with chest pains and diseases of the nervous system.
  • Then we have vitamin B1 (or thiamine), which is normally used in the treatment of digestive issues, and as a mental enhancer and a booster of the immune system. But it also seems effective in heart affections, and more important, it’s essential for the proper metabolism of carbohydrates. And the next vitamin on the list, niacin (or vitamin B3) seems especially effective in the treatment of diabetes as it’s able to lower the cholesterol levels and decrease cardiovascular risks. It also lowers triglycerides, which are fatty compounds found in the blood. The body produces these chemicals from the digested food, if it doesn’t immediately need it as an energy source. They get stored in fat cells for later usage, but too many of them pose risks for the heart. They might even lead to stroke and heart attack, and a high count of triglycerides is often a sign of type 2 diabetes, so niacin is one of the best preventive measures found in this blend.
  • Next on the list we find vitamin B5, used in the treatment of many disorders including affections of the brain, but important in this case for it’s role in carbohydrate processing. Vitamin B6 on the other hand is used as a treatment for diabetes, heart issues and high cholesterol, but it’s also essential in the metabolism of sugars, fats and proteins.
  • Also effective for diabetes and heart disease seems to be vitamin B12, and so is biotin, the last vitamin on the list. Biotin doesn’t only help in diabetes but also weight loss, and it’s an important ingredient of the enzymes that break down the substance extracted from food. All these ingredients seem very effective against diabetes or one of it’s symptoms, and we didn’t even get to the special blend yet.
  • The Synergy Optimizer Blend – This patented combination of compounds is made out of mostly plant extracts, although a few compounds that are naturally found in the body have also been included. And we’ll start with one of these compounds, which is alpha lipoic acid. This chemical acts very much like a vitamin and it’s actually an antioxidant. Antioxidants prevent the early decay of cells, keeping them healthy and active for much longer. Alpha lipoic acid can be found in found in food (in some vegetables and also in liver and kidney) but it’s also produced artificially, and it’s used in the treatment of diabetes especially when it comes to nerve damage caused by the disease. It helps with pain and numbness in the hands and feet, but it also seems as a good treatment for heart and vessel issues. Not only that, but this compound is used by the body to break down carbohydrates and it’s believed that it can improve the level of blood sugar especially in those affected by diabetes, and it might also help with weight loss. So again, we come across an ingredient that seems extremely potent when dealing with this affection.
  • The next ingredient is cinnamon, a tasty spice that has also been used in traditional medicine because of it’s powerful antioxidant effects and ability to lower blood sugar and cholesterol. It’s efficiency against diabetes is not yet properly proven, but enough is known for this ingredient to be considered a good addition to the blend. Next on the list is bitter melon, a plant that is commonly used as a vegetable in Asia but whose seeds and fruits are used in alternative medicine. It’s used in the treatment of gastrointestinal and kidney disorders, but also in diabetes, where it seems quite effective. Also effective seems to be gymnema sylvestre, the next ingredient. This woody shrub commonly found in Asia and India has been traditionally used in Asia for it’s medicinal properties. It’s leaves are used in the treatment of diabetes and other metabolic disorders, but also as an appetite suppressant as it decreases the absorption of sugars. It’s believed that it might increase the secretion of insulin and even accelerate the growth of pancreas cells.
  • Then we have bilberry leaf extract, a plant which has been long believed as able to improve eyesight and help in many eye conditions. But it also seems effective in the treatment of diabetes, as it helps in heart and vessel affections, including hardening of the arteries and chest pains.
  • And fenugreek seed, the next ingredient, seems to have even more qualities when it comes to diabetes and the related issues. It’s used in the treatment of high cholesterol, high triglyceride count and hardening of the arteries, while at the same time it might be able to decrease the abruption of sugar and increase insulin secretion.
  • Then we have banaba, a species of crepe myrtle tree found in Philippines and SE Asia. It’s leaves have been traditionally used in medicine, and an extract from this leaves is also found in Blood Sugar Optimizer. It seems able to lower blood sugar in those affected by type 2 diabetes in particular, and it might actually improve the metabolism of insulin.
  • And the last ingredients on our list are L-taurine and bioperine, with the first being an amino acid and the second being an unusual plant extract. Taurine is actually an amino sulfonic acid (and a building block for proteins) and it helps in congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and even in brain disorders. But bioperine is actually the concentrated form of piperine, the active ingredient found in black pepper. And this extract is a great addition in any supplement, as it increases the absorption of the other nutrients. It doesn’t seem to have beneficial qualities by itself, but it will help the body get up to 30% more nutrients from the substances it ingests.

Is Blood Sugar Optimizer Safe?

Yes it is, but given the long list of ingredients, some users might have issues with the product. While it is completely natural, this supplement doesn’t guarantee the lack of any adverse reactions. Nature can be harmful too, and the company states on the official website that the product shouldn’t be used by pregnant and lactating women and not even by those that are trying to conceive. Also, it should be avoided by people under 18 years old, and those that suffer from any health problems (because the product can also be used as a preventive measure by healthy people) should consult their doctor before starting the treatment. All supplements should be used with a doctor’s approval, even if they’re not powerful enough to be regulated by FDA.

Most of the ingredients in Blood Sugar Optimizer might cause stomach issues in those that are sensitive to them, and some of them can be even more dangerous. High dosages of selenium might cause selenium toxicity (which manifests very much like arsenic poisoning) and cinnamon could also be dangerous in very high quantities (might damage the liver), while L-taurine might worsen bipolar disorder. But one thing that must be kept in mind by all diabetes and heart sufferers is that all these ingredients will interact with diabetes, heart disease and even blood clotting medication. It should never be used without a doctor’s approval as it could drop blood sugar levels too low in combination with medication already ingested for this issue and cause a whole new set of problems.

What are the Blood Sugar Optimizer benefits?

The website claims that (and links to) 1,830 studies that show the efficiency of the ingredients found in Blood Sugar Optimizer. And while much of the poof is not considered definite by specialists because many other studies show inconclusive results, it’s safe to say that we know enough to consider them effective. This product seems to have gathered all possible natural solutions for dealing with diabetes, and even if it won’t work as well as expected, it will surely bring some improvement. We don’t like that the website states that the supplement will work great without diet and exercise (because these factors are essential for health in all situations), but it’s possible that it will generate changes even without any life style improvements.

It should also help those that suffer from heart conditions, and it should work great as a prevention measure. The website recommends for those who are predisposed to diabetes to ingest one pill two times a day, while those already affected can take 1-2 pills 2-3 times a day. Those that need immediate results might take 2 pills before each meal, except for the weekends when it would be best to take a break from the treatment. It’s claimed that the users can increase the dosage if their bodies respond well to the supplement, but we wouldn’t recommend any changes in the treatment without a doctor’s approval.

Why choose Blood Sugar Optimizer?

The product really seems to be effective, useful for both those affected by diabetes and those genetically predisposed to it or already suffering from prediabetes. It might not work the same in all cases (as it is the case with all supplements) but some amount of improvement can be expected. The product also comes at good prices, and the company has a very decent approach in it’s advertising. All the details a customer would need to make an informed decision are available on the official website, and the company is easy to contact through phone, mail and live chat. They seem to stand behind the supplement, and we didn’t discover any complaints about the product itself or customer service. And as we’ll see next, they also seem to give some very solid guarantees.

Where can I buy Blood Sugar Optimizer?

buy blood sugar optimizerBuy Blood Sugar Optimizer through it’s official website (with world wide shipping), at $49.97 for a bottle containing 90 pills, which is one month’s supply. The product is also available for $39.97, but this offer comes with an auto-ship program that will deliver a new bottle every month. Still, the customer can cancel at any time, except in cases when less than 3 days are left until the next shipment. Sending back products without canceling first will cause customers to be charged a 25% restocking fee, but canceling the program and sending back an unopened bottle will guarantee 200% of their value in store credit.

The website also offers a package containing 3 bottles for the price of $99.97, and all orders come with a 30 day money back guarantee that is quite unusual. The company claims to not only offer a full refund if during these 30 days the product is proven as ineffective for a certain user, but also a $100 bonus. They state that they have so much trust in the product because they’re sure it can’t possibly fail, and we surely appreciate their conviction if it’s true. And we don’t have any complaints, so we’ll take their word for it and assume that they really are willing to pay this amount in addition to the refund. Blood Sugar Optimizer also comes with a one year satisfaction guarantee, but we can’t say if their money back guarantee could extend to one year and in what conditions would this be possible.

In the end, judging by the ingredients of this product and by the way the manufacturer addresses their clients, we must say that Blood Sugar Optimizer looks as trust worthy as a supplement sold through the internet could be. A lot of effort seems to have been but not only in the product itself but also in it’s presentation, so we have no reason to believe that it could be of lesser quality than expected. Still, a doctor should take a good look at it before the beginning of a treatment, as no one should take risks with a condition as dangerous as diabetes, or their health in general. If you have used Blood Sugar Optimizer please post your reviews here!

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  1. First, I want to thank you for your review as I was coming up short when I was searching for feed back on blood sugar optimizer.

    I was diagnosed as type 2 diabetic 7 weeks ago with a blood glucose level of 358 and an a1c of 11. I have been taking this for about 5 weeks. Just realized, as I typed that, the site says it takes about a full month to see maximum results. That may explain things.

    Generally speaking, with an a1c you take insulin or so I was told. I was put on low dose metformin and told my meds would be adjusted after they determined how much the metformin was going to help. I beleive the intention was to start insulin. In the 7 weeks since diagnosis and 5 weeks since starting blood glucose optimizer my already low dose meds have been reduced 50% and may soon be completely eliminated. I in the 7 weeks since diagnosis my numbers not only came down, I am now going too low. Down as low as 60 once. If eliminating metformin completely doesn’t stop these drops I will be reducing the blood sugar optimizer. If that works then I can wholeheartedly say this works phenomenally. I will update when I have more information.

    • Wow your story is incredible. Thanks so much for sharing. I just ordered my blood sugar optimizer and cant’ wait to start. I just started taking Cholelo which reduced cholesterol #’s by 150 points. My A1C is 8.1 right now and I am taking low dose of Metformin ER and insulin as well. I’m hoping to wean off of the insulin soon.

      Thanks again. I will share my story as soon as I start seeing results!

  2. hi I am so happy that I wanna when on line and found blood sugar optimize it helped me and all kind of way my eyes my skin my blood I’m really proud of myself for ordering it you won’t be disappointed whatever my body was going through my body is back to normal and I started January 8th 2016 I got results in 2 weeks

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