bistro md reviews

Bistro MD Reviews

Starting A Diet With Bistro MD Will Definitely Change Your Life

Bistro MD Review – Nowadays, you can choose how to lose weight in a more efficient and interesting way than just going to the gym and working out every day. Bistro MD offers an ideal way to eat healthy and as many calories as you need to start losing the unwanted weight. This innovative idea is, in fact, a meal delivery company created in 2005 in Naples, Florida.

The Bistro MD diet was created by Dr. Cederquist, a weight management specialist. His experience in the field for over a decade has made him the ideal person to speak about weight loss and diets. He appeared on television in NBC, Today Show, and the Biggest Loser.

Their plan is to offer a home-delivery service with carefully planned dishes cooked by chefs that can help people escape the weight stress. The professional chefs and registered nutritionists that develop the Bistro MD meals also have a lot of experience in creating extraordinary meals, both nutritionally balanced and healthy.

Bistro MD offers you the diet plan and you can choose the weekly dishes and they are also offering their help for any problem you may face in the weight loss efforts. The Bistro MD menu is not boring and blends as the usual weight loss menu you tend to follow. The Bistro Meal Delivery puts a lot of passion in creating a delicious and healthy menu for weight loss that will not make you think you are sacrificing yourself to lose some weight.

This type of MD diet plan was already tried over and over again and it definitely provides some great results. The Bistro MD diet plan also offers high nutritional levels and makes sure that the weight loss program has the approximately level of minerals, vitamins, complex carbohydrates, amino acids and healthy fats needed.

The Bistro MD home delivery program is still gaining popularity because of their effectiveness at generating such solid results and because of the quality of the food they offer. The unique snacks and meals, along with the weekly information program, create an informative type of diet that will make you see the weight loss idea differently. Each meal is fully cooked, nutritionally balanced and portion-controlled. This Bistro MD diet reviews say that a lot of people received help in losing weight, mostly between 2 and 5 pounds in only seven days.

How Does Bistro MD Work?

The Bistro MD food program has four steps. First of all, you receive one of the diet MD plans adapted to satisfy the hardest dietary restrictions. The next step is to decide and order your specific program online or by phone. Once you are done with the order, you can customize it by using the account created on their website, bistro, on the platform called my Bistro MD.

The final step consists in receiving the order and enjoying a new beginning through your new weight loss program with Bistro MD recipes. Despite the fact that each Bistro MD gluten free menu is delivered frozen, the quality of the meal is incredible. All you have to do is heat it up and then you will see that the meal is fresh like it was made a few minutes ago.

The Bistro MD results and the positive Bistro MD user reviews can offer you a true motif to try this type of diet. The BistroMD team ensures each customer that the quality of the food is checked and up to each of their personal standards.

My BistroMD represents a tool that offers you the freedom to customize your BistroMD meals and interact directly with the cooking team that is preparing your meals. When you place the order, a registered dietitian develops a specific diet program based on your needs.

If you log into your account, you can see your menu before it will be delivered and make any changes you like to your breakfast, lunch or dinner. You can also do this anytime you like if you believe you need to change anything. If you think it would be best to talk to a BistroMD wellness consultant or nutritionist, you can contact them on the live chat offered on their website.

Why Is Bistro MD Different From The Rest?

The BistroMD reviews say that the BistroMD delivery program is different than other similar programs through the scientific method that stays at the base of each diet style. While many other gimmicks and diets can offer great results in such short periods of time, BistroMD is based on research and pure science.

The founder of BistroMD, weight loss specialist Caroline Cederquist, M.D., has worked in this field for more than 20 long years. She gathered a team of great nutritionists and registered dietitians that work with her to make sure that each diet meal is a healthy one and meets all the nutritional requirements needed.

There is also another thing that makes Bistro MD more interesting than other new market MD restaurants: the different approach taken in designing each menu for women and men. There are a lot of options from which you can choose and in this way, you will surely satisfy any requirement you may have of the weight loss menu you desire.

The BistroMD balance set in each of their nutritional plans consists in a daily calorie intake between 1.100 and 1.400 calories. Professional chefs work hard to prepare and cook each Bistro MD full menu in a nutritionally balanced way with healthy fats, proteins and also complex carbohydrates.

The Weight Loss Method Explained

The BistroMD low carb, BistroMD low salt, and BistroMD low sodium diet plans are made especially for the total elimination of the guesswork from your diet. The idea of vacuum packed and frozen natural meals shipped directly to your house is an excellent one and all you have to do is to warm it up and eat it.

The Cederquist diet consists of three Bistro MD meals and two Bistro MD snacks per one day with approximately 1.200 calories. The nutrients contained in each diet meal offer you the feeling of being full and they also balance the chemistry of your body so the weight loss process is a safe and effective one.

You should not try to eat only 1.200 calories per day because it was medically proven that if you do this, your body will learn that this is the caloric intake level and will get accustomed to it so it will become harder to lose weight. It has to be an average number of calories, always ranged between 1.100 and 1.400 calories, as the BistroMD meals provide. By modifying the number of calories, you do not offer your body the chance to get accustomed to a specific set of caloric intake and you can maintain the optimum weight level easily.  

Here is a Bistro MD sample menu you can have if you choose the Bistro MD weight loss program:

  • Breakfast – Delicious raspberries with a flaky and light pastry crust, sugar-free, the greatest way to start the day.
  • Morning Snacks – Mini chocolate crisps, a tasty protein bite that makes you feel you have eaten an entire meal.
  • Lunch – Chicken Italiano, tasty and really simple. This meal consists of marinated, juicy, grilled chicken breast with fresh, flavorful tomato puttanesca sauce, along with a salad composed of lentil and chickpea, accompanied by a colorful mixture of summer vegetables freshly-steamed.
  • Afternoon Snacks – Lemon and Garlic protein chips, just to feel you have eaten another meal.
  • Dinner – Grilled Teriyaki Salmon, more exactly grilled Atlantic salmon fillet with teriyaki sauce and sugar snap peas, carrots, and French green beans.

The Bistro diet also includes “My Night”, a portion of the entire program designed to offer each client the possibility to decide what to eat. This means that each member can cheat on the diet once per week and go out with friends or family to eat what he or she wants.

The treatments from Cederquist Medical Wellness Center are followed by dozens of patients on a daily basis, many of them being diagnosed with diabetes or being pre-diabetic. Dr. Cederquist designed the Dr. Cederquist diet based on a diabetic meal plan (Bistro MD diabetic menu), so if a diabetic person wants to keep up with this type of diet, he or she can easily and most of all safely. All those simple sugars like potatoes, white bread and pasta are not presents in the Bistro MD menu. Each meal is perfectly proportioned to satisfy the hunger of each individual.

The Bistro MD reviews say that the Bistro MD weight loss menu recommends a minimum of eight glasses of water per each day. Each glass can contain regular water, decaffeinated diet soda, flavored water like Fruit 2O or Propel, any type of diet fruit juice like Diet V8 Splash and also Crystal Light.

You can also drink caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea, diet soda, but it would be wise to limit these ones at maximum two per each day. Fruit juices with high levels of sugar should be avoided and milk should only be drunk with a limit because it also contains sugar (lactose). If you want to drink milk, you can also choose to skim or low-fat milk (1%).

The most interesting thing is that you can customize or change your weekly menu in order to be satisfied. Each member can ask the Bistro MD dietitians for their opinion to customize the menu in a perfect way, around any food restrictions, preferences, allergies, health concerns or religious preferences. The Bistro MD meals reviews say that each member that has a problem or concern or just simply wants to receive an answer to a question can interact directly with the customer support and get a solution to the problem.

Bistro MD Ingredients And Types Of Meals

The most important thing is that all BistroMD recipes are 100% natural and safe, this is natural food frozen and vacuumed to be consumed when it is needed. It is also known to be the only diet program that was proven to treat Metabolic Dysfunction, so the program is also great for those people with metabolism-related issues.

The Bistro MD gluten-free food is offered in 2 types of programs: one of seven days and one of five days, both with Bistro MD breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also choose to add the Bistro MD snacks or not. Men have more than 200 entrees and women have 150 types of food. Some of the dishes offered are:

  • Chicken with mushroom crepe
  • Beefsteak and ale stew
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Broccoli cheddar stuffed chicken breast
  • Spinach and Feta stuffed chicken

The Bistro MD diet plan also includes specific types of meals:

  • Bistro MD menopause meals
  • Bistro MD gluten free menu
  • Bistro MD diabetic menu
  • Standard meals for those who just want to lose weight

The Bistro MD ingredients used to cook the meals do not include MSG, shelf-stable ingredients, aspartame, freeze drying and trans fats. The whole diet includes only good stuff like small amounts of fat, high protein, and moderate carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates provide energy and high protein can lead to appetite suppression. Your body needs balanced macronutrients to function properly, so this diet is offering you exactly what you need to stay healthy and also lose the weight you want.

How Much Does BistroMD Cost?

If you were wondering how much is Bistro MD, you can look at the Bistro MD vs Diet To Go comparison:

  1. Delivery Options – at this point, both home delivery programs are the same, with 4 options and 10-21 meals/week.
  2. Price – while the BistroMD cost is between $89.96 and $134.96 / week with an available discount, Diet To Go is offering a price between $117.59 and $173.99 / week also with a discount.
  3. Discounts – if you visit their websites, you will see that the discounts offered by both of them are 25% and nothing more.

Even if the discounts and the number of meals are the same, the Bistro MD prices say everything you need to know to decide what company to choose. The exact BistroMD price for each program is:

  • 7 days program with 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 6 dinners costs %134.96
  • 5 days with 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, and 5 dinners cost $112.46
  • 7 days with 7 lunches and 7 dinners cost $112,46
  • 5 days with 5 lunches and 5 dinners cost $89.96

Keep in mind that if you just want a Bistro MD one week trial, you have to cancel it personally through the email or by phone because it is automatically prolonged for the next week.


Bistro MD is an interesting choice when it comes to choose a customized diet plan and also save money while you lose weight. With their great nutritionists and dietitians, along with the chefs that cook the meals, this type of weight loss menu seems like a great idea to start with. You do not have to do anything like start eating only low fat food or stress yourself on what to eat the next day.

The Bistro MD home delivery program brings everything to your door and you simply have to choose what you would like to eat. These natural BistroMD meals and Bistro MD snacks can offer you the exact amount of proteins and nutrients your body needs to function properly and healthy, not to mention the fact that you will actually lose weight in the process.

The BistroMD success stories can be found everywhere you may look because this type of diet is really working. The ease of customization for each meal plan and the idea that you can talk to a specialist in the field are also a big plus when it comes to choosing a diet plan. All in one, the conclusion is that Bistro MD food is good for those who want to lose weight.

Bistro MD also offers some very interesting materials for further information about the diet you are choosing:

  • Health Information – You receive information about the newest trends and tips on health. Reports and studies are included for additional support in weight loss, along with lifestyle suggestions and tips for motivation.
  • Weight Loss Tips – There are some webinars hosted and created by experts of each type of diet. Support from Dr. Chederquist, the founder of the diet, is also included. You will also receive weekly emails and newsletters.
  • Fitness Tips – You can receive online help to help you plan and track your workouts. You will also be offered the newest insights about fitness trends in weight loss. There is information about how to maintain the activity level and also how you should avoid injuries.

The Bistro Md reviews are mostly positive, but you can be sure only if you try the products yourself.

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