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The Beyond Diet: how does it work?

The Beyond Diet: how does it work?

Have you ever heard of the Beyond diet and what it entails? Lately, it is impossible to make your way on the internet without stumbling upon new diets every day.

The Beyond diet has been under the spotlight for a while, so we are going to find out what exactly this diet has that seems so appealing.

We have to admit it is not hard to make a diet famous these days, but there must be something about the Beyond diet that has been getting so much attention in the web world.

According to its creator, the “Beyond diet is about much more than weight loss. It is about living worry free, and experiencing your best life.”

The Beyond Diet was created by a holistic lifestyle and nutrition coach called Isabel de Los Rios, who claims that this is a non-diet, but a lifestyle that consists of losing weight by consuming whole, unprocessed foods and avoiding whatever may cause inflammation. De Los Rios states that she used the diet to lose 30 pounds and keep them off for over 15 years.

“Isabel de Los Rios is a Certified Nutritionist and exercise specialist who created this healthy lifestyle program to lose weight and regain your life, with over 600,000 members around the world.”
It does sound promising, but let’s continue and look deeper into this one.

How does the Beyond diet work?

You can start the Beyond diet by purchasing packs from her website, which range from 15 dollars to 67 dollars a month. Theses packs include meal plans, recipes and access to a virtual community of coaches and other members of the program.

What you begin with are 14 days of a kick start cleanse of whole foods. So members go through a testing to find out their metabolic type, which will establish the amount of protein, fat and carbs each one should be consuming daily – but we do not know what exactly this metabolic testing actually is.

According to the Beyond Diet website, the diet’s “principles are supported by +700 studies published in credible, peer-reviewed scientific journals, because our passion is helping people become success stories – without health risks and without long term side effects”.

What does the menu look like?

With the Beyond diet what you will have are meals made of whole, organic foods. These include whole grains like spelt and quinoa, grass-fed beef, coconut oil, chicken, cage-free eggs, loads of vegetables and fruits.

So far, everything sounds very healthy and planned out (although a bit unachievable for a long run).

Whole foods are definitely a better choice that processed food, precisely because what you find in them is a lot healthier and your body actually uses what you eat to keep yourself balanced and healthy.

Processed foods are not bad, however, we can all benefit from adding fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, lean protein and avocado into our diets, right?

These are filled with vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients, and all diets should have them as part of their eating plan. These foods are the key to a healthy and balanced diet (together with other foods, of course).

Okay, so the money may be an issue for a lot of us, going organic is a lot more expensive (47 percent more expensive to be precise). However, you are truly investing in your own health, they will help you lose weight and become healthier and “cleaner” from chemicals.

What is off the menu?

Aside from the processed foods we already know that are a no-no when it comes to the Beyond diet, you should also stay clear of margarine, orange juice, artificial sweeteners, whole-wheat bread and soymilk.

However, these restrictions do worry some experts. Alright, margarine and artificial sweeteners are not the healthiest things available out there, but what experts say is that the Beyond diet does not seem to promote a sustainable eating plan by excluding these items completely from the eating plan.

It does sound a bit incoherent that the diet is based on a “life without dieting” and yet forbids powerfully five foods that are not actually harmful to our general health.

For example, soy (soymilk or tofu) can be really beneficial for people who are lactose intolerant, vegetarian or vegan, or who just simply enjoy the taste. These foods are rich in calcium, protein and vitamin D and B12.

De Los Rios claims that unfermented soy products cause digestive distress, mineral loss in bones and will contribute to levels of toxins in the body.

The Beyond diet also says that wheat causes inflammation, which will lead to weight gain. However, experts say that the B vitamins and fiber found in whole wheat foods are needed to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, help with satiety, promote a healthy metabolism and keep our energy levels up.

Only two percent of people have a gluten intolerance of celiac disease, and even in those people, excluding whole-wheat from their diets can affect and create vitamin deficiencies.

Aside from that, by introducing a low-carb intake to your body will make it start to use muscle as fuel, which is not exactly what a healthy person is looking for.

Most of us are indeed consuming too much-refined grains and could generally benefit from balancing it out and adding healthier options and substitutes, but restriction and exclusion never lead to very successful results.

Will the Beyond diet work for you?

Well, de Los Rios does not have the same credentials as registered dietitians for a reason, but her claim that her diet has helped thousands of people to lose weight is most likely true.

Prioritizing whole, organic foods and cutting down on the processed foods is indeed a healthy change to be made and will help you shed some pounds. Providing an online community where members can share their experiences is also a great bonus.

However, you definitely do not need to purchase meal plans and cut out several important foods off your life forever. You should just eat real, organic food for a healthier lifestyle and cut back on the junk food that your body definitely does not deserve.

The Beyond Diet Reviews:

The Beyond Diet website contains hundreds of positive reviews from people who have lost weight and had their success with the diet and are ready to share with us.

Janet: “Going from a size 20W to a 10, lowering my semi-high blood pressure, being able to exercise again without panting after 5 steps, feeling good about myself…Plus, I now have the energy to cook and do activities with my family and enjoy my grandkids!

Austin: “I gained a lot of weight in college, even though I was still working out. A friend was getting in really great shape and suggested I change how I was eating. I ended up losing 23 pounds, and feel and look so much better.

Sharlene: “I’m healthy and happy. I was able to stop taking blood pressure medication and I feel like I have so much more energy. I find myself easily doing things that would have exhausted me before. My marriage is better, I play with the kids more, and I am able to do the things I’ve always wanted to do.

Jennifer: “Before BD, I had simply resigned to the shape of my body and the aches and pains I felt when I got up in the morning. I just thought this was how I was supposed to look and feel after having two kids and working full-time. After starting the program and watching the weight just melt off, I could not believe how good I felt. I have so much energy now and I am not just sitting on the sidelines watching my kids play. Not to mention how great it feels to have my husband wrap his arms around my waist and tell me how great I look. Even my doctor is pleased with my results as my blood pressure is back to normal and my cholesterol is fantastically low.

Patricia: “I’m not driving myself crazy. I don’t mean to sound flip, I mean honestly, I was spending so much time worrying about why I couldn’t move the scale down, and why I felt so lousy. That’s all gone. I’ve lost 27 pounds in two years, dropped several sizes in clothes, lost several inches, stopped several meds including an inhaler. I have more energy. My skin cleared up, my eyes cleared up and my vision improved. And I love the food I eat, it’s real, not processed, and I feel full and satisfied on BD.

Final Thoughts:

Aside from the positive reviews, they are a bit vague and short. The pictures are blurry and what you can see is not a lot of difference between the before and after.

While we are completely on board with adding more organic foods and lowering our general processed food intake, the diet’s restrictions can truly impact your health nutrient-wise.

From researching a bit of the reviews from other websites that are not the Beyond Diet official one, we see that most of the clients are not satisfied with the overall feel of the company.

Weight loss is not the issue, most customers complain that they are tricked into buying a lot more than the starting 47 dollars, and it is rather astonishing how many people are complaining about this.

The complaints vary from not even knowing why their bill turned out to be 70 dollars a month to canceling the plan and not receiving the money back for months on end.

Most of the customers complain of really poor service from the company, not being able to reach the phone number and not receiving the money back on the promised 60 days. From reading general reviews, things look pretty bad for the company.

Aside from that, there are no real complaints about the diet itself not working, we have established that this is not an issue here.

But none of us wish to be tricked into paying what is already an overpriced package and not being able to cancel something that was not what you agreed with. The reputation of the company on review websites is pretty bad and we understand why.

While the core of the diet is true and can be healthy if tackled in the right way, all this information is available to you online and there is no need to purchase an expensive package that will tell you pretty much the same things you can read anywhere.

Another plus we found about the Beyond diet is that everything is available online, which makes things a lot easier if you can just have your meal plan on your phone while cooking.

However, the diet and the company’s lack of attention to the customer is disrespectful to those who believe and want to try it out.

Our conclusion is that the key to a healthy lifestyle is always a balanced diet, keeping yourself active with exercise and not restricting yourself from any kinds of foods since this will only generate cravings, moodiness, and other unpleasant feelings.

No need to spend all your money on meal plans, but rather save up and make sure you spend on the right foods that will only improve your health on your next trip to your local grocery store.

And always do some research if you are tempted to purchase anything diet related. Truth is, you can find everything online, and reviews from different websites are truly valuable to weight in the pros and cons of what you want to buy. So study your options, make smart decisions and keep up the healthy lifestyle!

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