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Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector Reviews

Beverly Hills MD Dark Circle Corrector – Does it Work or Scam?

Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector Reviews: Summer is here, and as much as we love spending time in the sun and taking advantage of the beautiful weather, it does come as high expenses for those of us who have skin that is sensitive to outside factors. Those with a skin of olive or darker skin tones are more prone to being affected, but dark spots circles can develop on all skin colors, and not only in the case of older individuals.

Very young people can also develop dark spots and other types of skin discolorations, and in their cases, the situation becomes even more troublesome because the uneven aspect of the skin tends to make one look older than what they really are. But thankfully many products that claim to be able to help with this issue are easily available, and most skin care lines offer at least one product that promises to enlighten the affected areas. Still, how effective these products are is up for debate.

Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector is one of the many products advertised as able to do wonders, and next, we’ll try to discover exactly how efficient it really is. Given that many professionals believe that dark spots can only be lightened through complex medical procedures and that the vast majority of over-the-counter products seem to support this claim by being almost (and in some cases, completely) ineffective, it’s difficult for anybody to expect for this product to actually work, as some of the users have also stated. But the results could be considered surprising.

What is Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector?

buy Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot CorrectorDark Spot Corrector product is part of a line of skin care products seemingly released by Beverly Hills MD just past year. It’s claimed to be very mild on the skin and fit even for most sensitive users, but more importantly, that it can lighten dark spots and give the skin a healthier and brighter appearance.

It should also protect the skin from UV and further damage, and apparently, it doesn’t cause unpleasant reactions no matter the skin type of the user. It’s claimed that the product won’t further dry delicate skin and that it won’t clog pores and cause breakouts in those with oilier skin types.

The official website presents testimonies accompanied by pictures that make it look that this corrector might just do wonders, but only unbiased reviews from individuals that struggle with the issue and are willing to give the product their best try reveal the truth.

But this corrector starts off with an advantage simply by being manufactured by Beverly Hills MD, a company that was founded by two successful plastic surgeons that are willing to give their patients an alternative to surgery. Both of them are very active in promoting the entire line of products, which unlike other products available on the internet, actually deserve the label “doctor formulated”.

Does Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector Really Work?

Completely unexpected both by us and the majority of the users, this product does indeed work. Not for everybody of course, but the general opinion seems to be extremely positive. As it turns out, all the positive reviews on the website are real,  and most customers are eager to show their gratitude to the company.

We must make it clear that the reviews on Beverly Hills Dark Circle Corrector are genuine because the website seems to have some issues or simply an unusual configuration that often times makes it seem like they’re false. Depending on when you access it or the path you take to reach a certain page, the website might display a button that allows users to post reviews or not. This has led customers that were already unsatisfied with the product to believe that the reviews on the website are not real, and in the case of other products that might be true, but when it comes to this corrector the opinions that are displayed match those available on other platforms.

Beverly Hills MD Dark Circle Corrector seems to work so well that even though the official website states that the first effects should be noticed after around two weeks of use, some customers have seen changes starting from the first week, and the results are claimed to be amazing. The product is advertised as able to diminish dark spots and circles, but many claims that it has managed to make them disappear completely. And it doesn’t only work for dark spots, as some claim that the corrector also improves the appearance of scars and even removes wrinkles.

This product seems able to help with many different skin conditions, and this makes it one of the extremely rare products for which the advertisement doesn’t match the actual results. Also, it will work no matter on what area of the body it will be applied, with customers claiming that the product has produced great results on the face, chest, hands and feet, and pretty much whatever area has been affected by dark spots as a result of sun exposure. Still, it won’t work at the same rate for all users.

Even if some have seen outstanding results in short periods of time, in other cases it takes months for positive changes to be noticed. We would recommend all users to be very patient and apply the product as recommended for a long period of time before a real evaluation because even if it might seem like it doesn’t help, it has brought positive changes for too many people to not deserve a longer trial.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to discover opinions from customers that suffer from melasma, a chronic condition in which this product is claimed as able to help. Melasma is caused by genetic factors but is more common in women than men, and it’s often developed by pregnant women. It manifests trough light brown spots on some area of the face, and even though it’s harmless it can cause insecurity in the sufferers, just like the usual dark spots. But this product might work, and we would recommend it for those who suffer from this condition, of course only with a doctor’s approval.

What Are the Ingredients in Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector?

The website presents the full list of ingredients, but the secret for this product’s success seems to lie in only four of them. These are the kakadu plum, DermalRx (yeast extract), daisy flower extract and niacinamide, and the most interesting by far seems to be the first one on the list.

  • Kakadu plum is the fruit of a species of tree native to Australia (Terminalia ferdinandiana) and it  has extremely high concentrations of vitamin C. It’s actually one of the best natural sources of this compound, and it might seem like this detail is not very important given that vitamin C can also be produced artificially, but there’s a reason why the companies that include it in their products go to great lengths to obtain it from natural sources. Vitamin C is much more effective in its natural variety, and many specialists agree that it’s better ingested from fruits and vegetables than from supplements, which often times offer the artificial form. This keeps the prices of these products very affordable, but at the same time reduces the benefits that the customers get from consuming them. This product, in particular, is on the expensive side, but the kakadu plum is not easily accessible and it can only be harvested in certain periods of the year. The Beverly Hills MD website actually specifies that the corrector has limited availability at times, and in other circumstances we would assume that it’s just a marketing scheme (because it’s extremely common in low-quality products), but in this case the efficiency  of the product  combined with what we know about the kakadu plum very much proves that the company is honest, at least from this point of view.
  • Vitamin C. This compound is used in the prevention and treatment of many affections, particularly the common cold. It’s very important for general health and a deficiency might cause very dangerous affections, but this issue is no longer common these days when fruits and vegetable rich in vitamin C are easily available. But it’s still very helpful and most people use supplements from time to time as the compound boosts the immune system, while many believe that it can help with different skin affections. There is no scientific proof for its efficiency in this area, but many use it successfully for anything from the sun burns to acne and even skin issues caused by the aging process. So it would be very safe to say that vitamin C does help the skin even if it’s not yet backed by science.
  • Then we have DermalRx in its yeast extract variety, which is a formula developed and patented by Biocogent. The company has an entire line of products under this brand, and the one included in. The Beverly Hills MD corrector is actually named DermalRx HydroSeal. This substance is produced by a particular strain of yeast and has the ability to improve skin’s moisture retaining capability. Its qualities have been tested and proven (like with all cosmetic products that are manufactured by specialized companies) and it seems like the best results can be noticed after around 2 to 4 weeks of use. Also, it seems like DermalRx HydroSeal can help in the prevention of wrinkles, as it’s to be expected from a very moisturizing product. The Beverly Hills MD website doesn’t focus on these aspects and presents DermalRx as able to provide a resurfacing effect and safely replace chemical peels, but no matter how it’s advertised, it’s obvious that the product works.
  • The next ingredient is daisy flower extract, and it’s easy to ignore this plant’s healing properties given how easily accessible it is. Daisies are found all over the world and thrive in such hard conditions that they’re considered an invasive species and are regarded as weeds by many people, but they have potent qualities that have made them very useful since ancient times. Used for a number of affections, it seems like the daisy is most effective in skin issues, no matter their nature or what has caused them. It can help with inflammations, infections caused by bacteria or fungi, and also with bruises and wounds. And while the daisy will speed the healing process, it will also help in relieving the pain associated with the wound.
  • And the last advertised ingredient is niacinamide, which like vitamin C is often included in quality skin care products. This substance is a form of vitamin B3, which is more commonly used in the prevention of vitamin deficiency, as the substance is essential for the healthy metabolism of fats and sugars and a reduced amount could cause very serious health issues. And some of the symptoms of vitamin B3 deficiency are peeling skin and irritations, which means that the substance is not only useful but essential for healthy skin. Vitamin B3 is used in the treatment of many skin conditions, from those that are naturally caused by aging process (including dark spots) to acne and even extremely dangerous diseases like leprosy. Of course, it won’t help in all of these issues, but it will certainly help in milder and less dangerous skin conditions.

These seem to be the essential ingredients of Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector, but the complete list is available for viewing by the potential customers on the website, and we would recommend them to also show it to their doctors.

Any user could be sensitive to one of the compounds included in this products (and there are many of them), and this on top of the fact that the skin affected by the sun (as proven by the dark spots) is already rather delicate.

Is Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector Safe?

Judging from a very high number of reviews, it seems like this product can only benefit the skin. We weren’t able to find any complaints from the customers (other than the rare occasions in which the product doesn’t work), but the official website does have some warnings for the potential users.

It’s recommended for those with particularly sensitive skin to perform a patch test before starting the treatment, and this is done by using the product on a very small area on the inside of the elbow or behind the ear and keeping watch for any negative reactions in the next 24 hours.

It seems like those with a history of skin affections or those who tend to have negative reactions to skin care products might be irritated by the corrector, and the company advises customers who experience any kind of unwanted result to discontinue using the product and simply send it back for a refund.

Given the warning it would seem like this is a common issue, but it doesn’t look like the users have had any problems yet. Most of them state that the product has made their skin softer right from the start, and no one has yet complained about a negative reaction or even a mildly unpleasant sensation when applying it.

Still, it should only be used with a doctor’s approval. All products designed for use on the skin should, but this one in particular addresses an issue that might be much more dangerous than it looks.

While sun sports are indeed harmless, first you have to make sure that this is really what they are, especially if you’re very young and have never had any issues with your skin pigmentation simply by spending time in the sun. Only a dermatologist can tell you exactly what’s going on, and even if you have to reason to assume the worst, it would be better to not take any risks. Also, even if the spots are not a sign of any dangerous affection, this particular product might not be fit for your skin type, and only a doctor that knows your health history can make a decision.

None of the compounds included in the Beverly Hills MD corrector seems dangerous, but your doctor knows best and you shouldn’t choose this product by only taking in consideration the positive experiences of others. The corrector seems harmless, but the company does warn customers about potential side effects so it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector Benefits?

As we’ve mentioned before, this product seems to work great. The spots fade and in some cases disappear completely, and these are not the only positive effects. Customers have stated that the skin will feel and look healthier and that even the appearance of scars will be improved.

Apparently, it really can work wonders for most users, and some even talked about this product’s very pleasant smell, which shouldn’t really be a concern but it’s always a bonus. But to work properly, the corrector must be applied 3 times a day and no session should be skipped. And the company states that one of the treatments should always take place right before bedtime, as the skin regenerates best during sleep.

Why Choose Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector?

The product works, and it does so even better than expected or advertised. This is amazing for any skin care product, but it’s even more unusual in the case of a dark spot corrector. Most of them are completely useless, as some of the users of this particular product also state, and what the Beverly Hills MD corrector is able to do always comes as a surprise.

This is exactly why so many users are eager to share their positive experiences even if generally speaking consumers are much more willing to give their opinions when they’re unhappy. Unfortunately, when it comes to the official website, the odd configuration of the review pages might make it seem like the opinions are not real at times.

And beyond the corrector being effective, the company itself deserves some positive attention, as it managed to avoid all the issues commonly associated with manufacturers that only market their products through the internet. Usually these kinds of products are considered potentially dangerous right from the start because so many of them are released by scammers that are only interested in making money and have no regards for their customer’s health safety, but in this case it seems like there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way that this company chooses to do business.

The founders are willing to openly stand behind this product (and the others), customer service is easy to contact (although there are some complaints about customer representatives being harder to contact at times, like with most companies), no important details are hidden in the “terms and conditions” section of the website, there are no free trial periods (which usually convert into auto-shipping programs) and, most important, the full  list of ingredients is easily available for everybody.

Also, a portion of every sale goes to a charitable organization that Beverly Hills MD has recently started a partnership with. SmileTrain helps surgeons in developing countries give children cleft repair surgeries for free, and Beverly Hills MD has set the goal of helping with 1,000 interventions. 50 of them have already been performed in a very short period of time (as the partnership seems to have only started at the beginning of July this year), so purchasing this particular corrector will not only help the users but change the lives of children that need all the help that they can get. And the product is also vegan, which means that like all the other products offered by the company, it’s is not tested on animals.

Where Can I Buy Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector?

You can buy Beverly Hills MD Dark Spot Corrector is only available on the official website, at the price of  $129.95. It can be ordered from all over the world, and even if the international shipping fees are not mentioned, delivery to the US is completely free of charge. It’s worth mentioning that for free shipping the order should be worth at least $40, but this product is much more expensive than that at this time, so it shouldn’t be a concern. Also, all products come with a 60-day money back guarantee, but for it to be effective the product must be returned and reach the company during this period.

But the $129.95 price is only available on the order form that can be accessed by entering the website through the home page. As we’ve mentioned before, this website is rather unusual, and if you search the product in your browser and open the order page that is listed among the results, you’ll be presented with an opportunity for some serious savings.

On this order form, the price of one bottle of Dark Spot Corrector is only $59.99, while larger packages come with even better deals. Two bottles will cost you $109.98, while a package containing 3 bottles is available for $149.97, bringing the individual price down to only $49.99. We tried to find out if these deals come with any catch, but it seems like this order form has the same terms as the first one.

Still, we would advise the customers that want to buy Beverly Hills MD Dark Circle Corrector cream through this page to contact the company first and make sure that the prices are correct and make sure that they won’t be charged any other fees. We wouldn’t expect this kind of practices from this company, but the website does have some issues that might cause problems.order dark spot corrector

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