Best Weight Loss Gadgets

Best Weight Loss Gadgets

Best Gadgets for Losing Weight in 2017

If you have extra pounds you want to rid of and you’re interested in a lifestyle change that will improve your health while helping you sculpture your body, you’re most probably looking for all the things, plans, diets, and programs that will help you reach such goals. Losing weight healthily involves various important steps you need to take: healthy eating, regular exercising, and positive thinking. Besides these main ingredients for a healthy lifestyle, the market is now rich in all sorts of gadgets and technological accessories that can help people keep track of their weight, health conditions, heart rate, and so on.

Once you see your doctor and nutritionist and you get a custom-made eating plan as well as a personalized gym program, you can monitor your evolution with one of the gadgets in the list below. Check them and try the ones that suit your needs best. They will help you boost your motivation, simplify your gym sessions, and provide you with weight tracking.

Smart Scales

Although you can use the good old scale to monitor your weight, a smart scale is a better option as it will connect to your iPhone or Android and automatically log your weight when you step on it. You will thus have the possibility to check your weight fluctuation history with more ease. Plus, studies found out that people who weighed themselves on a regular basis lost more pounds than people who did not track their weight.

FitBit Area Smart Scale is such a gadget. The great thing about it is that it will connect to your WiFi network and send data to your account once you step on it. The data will then be sync with the other fitness tracking apps you use.  Priced at $129.99, this gadget tracks your body fat, weight, and BMI, and it can be used by up to 8 users. The scale will identify each of them automatically when they step on it.

Another option when it comes to smart scales is Withings Smart Body Analyzer. Priced at $129.99, the scale tracks your weight, BMI, and body fat by Bluetooth or WiFi. Additionally, the smart body analyzer can measure the room temperature and the CO2 level when you step on it.

Fitness trackers and accessories

Even if a fitness tracker alone is not enough for you to lose weight, it can prove to be quite helpful to boost your motivation if you use it together with other weight loss programs, plans, and exercises. You can use various apps on your smartphone to get information about your heart rate, weight, or you can complete your outfits with a fitness accessory.

Fitbit Charge HR is such an option. Use this wearable device to get information about your heart rate as well sleep and fitness data. With a week-long battery life, Fitbit Charge HR will help you track your workouts, the number of steps you take, heart rate, calories burned, the time you spend being active, and the stairs you climb. The gadget also offers you the possibility to connect with your friends for competition. It comes in multiple sizes and it costs $149.99.

Another good option is FitBit Blaze which is a stylish combination of a smart watch and a fitness gadget. It tracks your heart rate, calories burned, steps, sleep and several activities and types of exercises. One of the nice things about FitBit Blaze is that you don’t need to tell it when to start or stop tracking you as the device will do that automatically when you start going. The smart watch features include text, call and event alerts. You can enjoy all that for $199.95.

Then, you can easily use your smartphone to track your fitness activities, weight, body fat, and other such elements. There are all sorts of applications available for free or at affordable prices to help you with your weight loss goals. You can pair your smartphone with various accessories like an armband. Look for an adjustable one and there you go. It is comfortable and convenient.

If you exercise a lot, a pair of Bluetooth headphones is a great choice. You will thus get rid of the discomfort cords can create while still enjoying your favorite music or even when talking on the phone. Two great options include Plantronics BackBeat FIT and JayBird BlueBuds X2. Designed to be worn while you workout, these headphones can handle sweat.

One product you can also use to help you lose weight and burn more calories is a standing desk. If you spend 8 hours a day in front of a PC, then you might want to take this option into account. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have enough time to reach the gym too often. Although we encourage you to be active and exercise on a regular basis in order to improve your health and get closer to the weight you dream of, we do think you can get extra help by using a standing desk. Research shows that if you stand for three hours more each day, you will get to burn 30,000 more calories in a year. There are many standing desk options available at affordable prices. Make sure you go for one that offers you a quick and easy way to go from sitting to standing.

Final thoughts

We’ve mentioned just a few gadgets out of the many you can find. Keep in mind that they won’t do the hard work for you but they will surely help you reach your goals and boost your motivation while providing you with important medical data. Combine them with a custom-made eating plan that will meet your nutritional needs and a personalized workout program that suit your current physical condition and weight loss goals. What works for some people might prove to be ineffective for others but that’s natural, after all. We are different and that’s why it is important to get personalized treatments, eating plans, and gym training. Get help, recommendations, and supervision from certified health care professionals.

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