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Athletic Greens Report: Green Superfood Drink Powder

One of the many alternative health product varieties that everybody can get a benefit from is dietary supplements. Either if you decided to improve your health, change the way you look for the better or if you’re already in great health and shape, dietary supplements could only be beneficial for you. Or at least this is what their proponents claim, convinced that there are certain food varieties that can make wonders by working from inside out, especially when ingested in large quantities and in a concentrated form. One of the appreciated products in this category is Athletic Greens, a supplement that claims it can bring you the equivalent of 12 servings of fruits and vegetables in a single glass of green drink.

What is Athletic Greens?

order athletic greensPromoted as being the result of 60 years of combined research in the field, and destined especially for active people, Athletic Greens claims that it can cover all the bases of your nutritional needs. The product increases your energy level and altogether improves your health by providing a better absorption of nutrients, which in it’s case alone include vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other compounds that make for a total of 75 different ingredients, a number truly impressive when it comes to supplements. Also, it helps in improving your immunity through a combination of prebiotics and probiotics that contribute to a better digestion, so these compounds too contribute to the higher nutrient absorption rate. And being healthier also makes you feel happier, and the company seems to be very interested in your personal satisfaction, as this is pretty much the most obvious marketing strategy of the company, and they also seem to put some serious work into it, as we’ll see later. It seems like the majority of the ingredients are organic and easily suitable for any particular diet. Also, Athletic Greens doesn’t contain any animal derived or heat processed ingredients.

Athletic Greens Ingredients & How is Made

The manufacturing method is dry freezing and this helps in preserving the natural properties of heat sensitive compounds. Each serving contains 8 grams of “superfoods” and offers the benefits of up to 12 servings of fruits, vegetables and other healthy plants, and this high amount of nutrients should not only increase the level of nutrients absorbed, but also detoxify the body of all the damaging compounds. The product also claims that the form that these ingredients come in, a fine powder that turns into a tasty drink when mixed with water or any other beverage, is highly superior to pure vitamins and minerals, that are not absorbed properly by the body. And this fact is true, as the benefits of vitamins and minerals ingested in the form of pills and capsules are hard to prove, but the same thing could be said about green drinks. More on that later, now let’s have a look at these wonder ingredients.

First of all, the sheer number of ingredients is amazing, and it seems like this particular blend provides the sweet taste of the product without any added sweeteners. At only 40 calories per serving, Athletic Greens offers superfoods, grasses, mushrooms, enzymes, antioxidants, fiber and probiotics, along with vitamins and minerals. Just looking at the list of ingredients makes you wonder if you would need food at all if you were to drink this particular supplement, but that would be the worst idea, so let’s see what these compounds can actually do for you.

Superfoods are fruits, vegetables and any plants with a high nutritional value, and in Athletic Greens, among others we find apple, broccoli, carrot, spirulina and spinach, all of them organic. These particular fruits and vegetables are scientifically proven to have a very high amount of nutrients, but the same term is used for many other edibles that don’t really have unusual properties. Other ingredients that are well known as very beneficial and are also found in this product are green tea and wheatgrass, and the advantage of drinking them in this powdered form is that we’re able to ingest a much larger quantity than we normally would when eating regular meals or drinking infusions, and this should be beneficial no matter how different our bodies are and how each of us reacts to different supplements. And although the efficacy of green drinks has not yet been proven, this simple fact doesn’t stop many people from observing positive changes when they happen.

As mentioned before, another ingredient in this product is a variety of enzymes, compounds that help in the easier digestion of rich foods, being beneficial for the better absorption of nutrients not only in the digestive tract, but at a cellular level. One of the enzymes included in this blend is bromelain, a pineapple extract that seems to be effective as an anti-inflammatory, although this quality is not yet proven from a scientific point of view.

Order Athletic Greens Superfood

What’s interesting about this compound in particular is that it loses it’s properties at high temperatures, and for this blend the extract is processed at low temperatures, which is also very important for all other heat sensitive ingredients. Just as important in the digestion improvement quality that Athletic Greens seems to have are prebiotic and probiotics.

The prebiotics are the fibers, and one of the probiotics is lactobacillus acidophilus, and it seems like both these ingredients contribute to the health of the immune system, although it seems like probiotics have an effect over the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, so they might be also beneficial in weight loss. Prebiotics are compounds that promote the wellbeing of the helpful microorganisms that are found in the digestive tract, while probiotics are themselves microorganisms and must be ingested while alive, as they act over the damaging microorganisms that already exist in the body, mostly in the digestive system.

This green drink is also rich in antioxidants, not only in their pure form but also being contained in mushrooms, which themselves as believed to be able to prevent very serious diseases like diabetes, heart issues and even obesity. Antioxidants are very beneficial as they help in preventing cell damage, and another quality that should contribute to the overall results should be this product’s ability to reduce acidity and the PH of bodily fluids, which in turn should help in preventing disease. It hasn’t been clearly proved that acidity is dangerous, but there are some theories that give the impression that preventing it would be the best choice.

It looks like anybody could benefit from drinking Athletic Greens, even if they’re only interested in maintaining their good health. Another advantage that this product has over others of the same type is that it doesn’t contain dairy, gluten, eggs, peanuts or any other elements that could be dangerous for people prone to allergies, although, as nothing is ever for sure, the official site itself states that before starting using Athletic Greens supplement it would be best to see your doctor.

Athletic Greens Customer Reviews

Actually, the company seems very sincere when it comes to presenting information to potential customers, and apparently it’s preoccupied not only with customer satisfaction when it comes to the product itself, but also when it comes to customer relations. The company actively promotes the product through social networks, where many happy customers can be encountered, and it claims that the product itself being very efficient it’s only marketing method, with satisfied customers spreading the word and recommending it to others. That’s a great thing, and it’s how all products should gain their popularity. In this case, most customers are happy with their choice of supplement, and the experienced people that this product is send to for reviewing seem pretty excited too. Some customers claim that they own their health to Athletic Greens and recommend it as a good investment that saves money in medical bills, while some state that they have completely given up caffeine and other stimulants as the product provides all the energy they need throughout the day.

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But negative reviews are available too, actually many of them, and they come from problems that have nothing to do with the quality of Athletic Greens. Produced in New Zealand, this green drink is only available for shipping in US and Canada and the only way of accessing it is through online or call order, and that seems to come with the advantage of a 21 days free trial period. Many people don’t pay attention to this feature, where the product is only free if returned during this time, and they are taken by surprise when the full price is charged from their account. On top of that, the first order signs the customer up for a subscription of undetermined time that seems to be very hard to cancel. This system, very common in lower quality products, takes away much from Athletic Green’s image. All the necessary information is available of the order form, but as we tend to skip over agreements and only pay attention to the parts that interest us most, these kinds of details pass right by us and come back with serious problems. And the biggest problem of all seems to be what happens when you try to cancel the subscription and have to deal with the “customer happiness agents”. Yes, this is what customer representatives are actually called by this company.

Unhappy buyers talk about a customer service that is pretty much the stuff of nightmares, which is somewhat funny and somewhat sad when you think about this company’s happiness obsession. Some customers even mention that even though the product is of the best quality, the customer service alone is enough not to touch it ever again. The subscription seems to take lots of time and efforts to cancel, and the problem is worsened by the price of the product.

At $97 for a one month’s supply of 30 servings (although it seems that at this time it’s also available at $48.50), the price is somewhat high and makes for an unpleasant surprise if you were expecting an actual free trial. And, as it’s recommended for active people to consume the drink twice a day, the supply would only be enough for two weeks, and the overall price becomes unusually high for a green drink. Actually many clients have started drinking Athletic Greens and loved it but gave it up simply because it’s too expensive. And it really is, especially if think about how much it comes to in a year’s time.

Still, the product is good enough to be recommended to any person that wants to improve of just keep their health, as the ingredients are of good quality, freeze-dried and unable to generate allergies, and negative side effects are yet to be observed, so the chances of it producing unwanted effects are as low as they can get. And it’s good to know that these types of supplements, when they actually do what they’re supposed to, produce an almost immediate reaction of the digestive tract, which can be a little unpleasant and could look like a side effect, but it’s only a natural part in the process of actually improving digestion and the individual functions of all elements of the digestive system.

Where to buy Athletic Greens ?

So, if you’re interested in this kind of supplement, Athletic Greens seems to be one of the best on the market, although the high price must be kept in mind, and potential customers shouldn’t be discouraged by the bad experiences that some have had with the company’s service, this kind of situations are most likely much more rare than they seem, given that people are more prone to expressing unhappiness than satisfaction, which is usually taken for granted. Positive changes should manifest in all people that use it, but don’t forget that for the maximum benefits any supplement should be combined with a healthy diet and exercise. And given the high number or ingredients, you really need to see your personal doctor before making your choice, and show them the list of ingredients that is available on the official site just to prevent any possible issue, as you don’t want to purchase something this expensive and not be able to use it.athletic greens

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