Adiphene Reviews | Does it Work or Scam?

Adiphene is an all-natural dietary supplement that claims to tackle weight loss from 5 different angles. It contains a number of 12 ingredients which supposedly promote weight loss by influencing various biological functions. This should give it an advantage over similar products, making its approach towards weight loss entirely unique.

In fact, the company behind Adiphene claims that the product is so effective that it can generate weight loss even without diet and exercise. This is not a bold statement considering the purpose of this product.

All weight loss aids should help at least in some amount even if the users don’t change their unhealthy habits. But unfortunately, the claim is sometimes seen as false advertising in the case of this product. And as we’ll see next, that’s not the case at all.

What is Adiphene?

buy adipheneThis product is offered by Shippitsa Ltd and has been available since at least 2013. It claims to promote weight loss in 5 different ways, but its main purpose is to boost metabolism. This product should help its users burn more calories even if they’re not interested in working out or changing their diets.

It should also affect appetite, mood, and even the way in which the body processes fatty foods. In other words, it should influence all the factors that cause weight gain.

All these claims are made on the official website of the product, where the company refrains from outrageous promises. Adiphene is not advertised as a miracle pill, but as what it actually is, a natural weight loss aid that can boost the effects of diet and exercise.

But of course, the company also claims that the product can be effective even without lifestyle changes. And this is how all weight loss supplements are supposed to work, so there’s nothing outrageous in this statement.

But unfortunately, some reviewers have come to the conclusion that the company uses false advertising. When in fact, the company only mentions that users of this supplement won’t have to push themselves very hard during workouts or give up their favorite foods. This is mentioned because some products only work as part of very strict weight loss programs, which most people can’t follow.

But Adiphene is supposed to work well enough to bring a solid contribution to the process on its own, making it much more easy to lose weight. In other words, it claims to do exactly what a quality weight loss supplement should.

None of the claims made by the company are false, including the statement that the ingredients are scientifically proven as effective. Scientific tests have been performed on most of them with good results. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t offer any information on the studies, or any links that would make it easy for visitors to find and read them on their own.

Because it’s destined entirely for Adiphene, the website might lead some visitors to believe that this is the only product offered by the company. It isn’t, Shippitsa has been in business since 2010 and offers a number of dietary supplements, including other weight loss aids.

Unfortunately, the number if unknown because each of the products has its own website. It’s unclear why, since the ones we do know about seem to be well made. The company is not hiding anything by keeping each of the products on its own website instead of gathering all of them in one place.

But this choice might seem suspicious to potential clients who have come across low-quality supplements online, as many of them can only be found on their own websites. Which is usually a sign that the company doesn’t offer any other products, and often times means that the product which does exist is low quality. But this is not the case here.

Lastly, one more confusing detail is the manufacturing location of Adiphene. The company itself is based in the UK, but it’s also active in the US. And it might ship the products from the  US no matter where the clients are located (the shipping fees are higher for clients in other areas, so this is the only logical conclusion).

Yet the product doesn’t have the “made in USA” label. Still, the company does reveal the manufacturing location by mentioning that the product is made in an FDA approved facility. This can only mean that it’s manufactured in the US, so even without the “made in USA” label, clients in this area can be sure that they’ll receive the product while still very fresh.

Does Adiphene really work?

As we’ll see in the following section (where we discuss the ingredients), the product should definitely work. Of course, not all users will notice the same results. Adiphene doesn’t contain aggressive ingredients or laxatives, so each user will have a different response to the product.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to say what future users should expect because the product doesn’t have any customer reviews yet. It has been rated by a large number of users, but there are no actual opinions or testimonies.

But judging by the ratings, the product seems to work exactly as expected. Many users are very satisfied with it, and others are not. But because users don’t discuss the product, we don’t know in what circumstances it works well or what makes it fail.

It should generate decent results even without diet and exercise, but users who don’t respond well to the ingredients and don’t make any changes to their lifestyle are likely to be very dissatisfied. On the other hand, users who follow a healthy weight loss program and are naturally receptive to the ingredients are likely to notice massive improvements.

It all depends on the natural response of the user and their willingness to follow a weight loss program. Hopefully, future users will be more open to sharing their opinions and we’ll get to find out what is the average performance of this product.

But there’s one thing that we know for sure: this product won’t generate quick weight loss, not even for the users who are very responsive to the ingredients. The company makes this clear when it mentions that it takes around 3 months for the full effects become visible.

These effects being an obvious improvement in metabolic speed and very obvious weight loss. Adiphene is not supposed to be a quick solution. It should make weight loss easier for the user, but not help them achieve it faster. Which is a good thing, because quick weight loss is very unhealthy. In fact, quick weight loss usually means loss of fat, water, and muscle tissue, and it should be avoided.

And for best results, users should consume the product as instructed by the manufacturer. The proper dosage for Adiphene is 2 capsules a day, 20 minutes before breakfast and lunch respectively.

Each bottle contains one month’s supply (60 capsules), and we would recommend those who want to increase the dosage to only do so with medical approval. Adiphene doesn’t contain aggressive substances but it does contain stimulants and other powerful ingredients.

What are the ingredients of Adiphene?

The official website doesn’t display the label of the product but the company does offer information on the ingredients. Adiphene contains a total of 12 natural substances, and the company splits them into 5 categories.

This is a great choice, as every category addresses weight loss in a different way. Presenting the ingredients in this manner helps potential clients gain a clear understanding of this product’s properties.

And we’ll have a close look at the ingredients following the same categories, starting with the stimulants. This category includes bitter orange, chromium picolinate, Guarana extract, Ginseng extract and cacao extract. Working together, these ingredients are supposed to boost the metabolism.

Bitter orange has many powerful properties and it’s used as a treatment for many different affections. But it’s often included in weight loss supplements, usually in combination with caffeine.

This is because research shows that this particular combination promotes weight loss. It’s unclear how exactly it manages to do it. But it seems that bitter orange also decreases blood sugar levels. And as a bonus, bitter orange also seems able to decrease anxiety.

Meanwhile, Guarana extract contains the caffeine that bitter orange needs in order to be effective. Research shows that caffeine might promote weight loss on its own, but combining it with bitter orange should make it even more effective.

And Guarana is an even better source of caffeine than coffee, as it includes it in higher concentrations. And like coffee, Guarana improves alertness and general mental performance. But it seems that unlike coffee, it’s also able to relieve anxiety, just like the bitter orange.

Next, we have chromium picolinate, which has been proven as able to decrease cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It’s a mineral that’s only needed in very small amounts, but it’s very helpful for those who suffer from diabetes or prediabetes. Research shows that it might be able to promote weight loss, and it seems that it might also be helpful in mental affections like depression.

And the same seems to be the case with Ginseng, although it works in a different manner. This plant has many powerful properties, which is why it’s included in a variety of dietary supplements. But it’s mainly a stimulant, proven as able to improve mental functions even in those who suffer from degenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer’s.

Still, research shows that it might be able to decrease blood sugar levels. Also, that it might relieve fatigue and improve athletic performance. Which means that Ginseng alone might promote weight loss in many different ways.

The last stimulant in Adiphene is cocoa extract, which has been proven as able to decrease blood pressure. There is no proof for any weight loss properties, but some research suggests that it might be able to decrease cholesterol levels. Either way, it does benefit metabolism simply by improving blood pressure.

It seems that all 5 stimulants manage to benefit metabolism one way or another, but some of them should also be very beneficial for the mind and general health. These ingredients live up to the claims, and next, we’ll see if that’s also the case for the other substances in Adiphene.

The second category contains thermogenic ingredients. Thermogenic foods increase body temperature, which in turn generates a higher consumption of calories, leading to weight loss. In Adiphene, these substances are cinnamon extract and cayenne pepper extract.

Cinnamon doesn’t have the strongest thermogenic effect, at least not when compared with Cayenne pepper. On the other hand, it has strong antibacterial properties and benefits digestion. Cinnamon is believed by many to be the healthiest spice available, and it’s a great addition to any dietary supplement.

Cayenne pepper, on the other hand, raises body temperature in a very noticeable manner. And like cinnamon, it’s very helpful for digestion. But one property that it doesn’t share with any of the other ingredients in Adiphene is its ability to relieve pain. And the reason for all these benefits is capsaicin. This substance is found in all chili peppers and it’s what gives them the hot taste.

Next category includes only one substance, glucomannan. The company presents it as an appetite suppressant, but it seems to be much more than that. This substance, which comes from the root of the konjac plant, seems able to decrease blood sugar and blood pressure, along with taking care of minor digestive problems. But because it’s a dietary fiber that absorbs water, it also makes the user feel fuller for longer. This, in turn, should decrease both hunger and cravings, leading to weight loss.

The fourth category is also limited to one ingredient. Chitosan extract is presented as a fat binder, as it’s supposed to prevent fat from being absorbed by the blood from the intestine. And surprisingly, research shows that it might be able to do just that.

This substance comes from shellfish and it’s used as a treatment for different affections (including anemia), but its most interesting property seems to be its ability to decrease cholesterol.

 Lastly, we have the fat metabolizers category, which includes vitamin B6, L-carnitine and ginger root. These substances are supposed to help the user burn fat at a faster rate, so they’re similar to the stimulants.

Vitamin B6 is essential for the proper development and function of many body parts, including the brain. But it’s also important for the proper metabolism of proteins, sugars, and of course fat. This means that vitamin B6 makes it easier for these substances to be converted into energy instead of being stored as fat. And L-carnitine plays a similar role despite being very different from vitamins.

This substance is an amino acid, a building block for proteins, so it too contributes to energy production. L-carnitine is one of the most popular ingredients in weight loss and body building supplements and for good reason. Because it increases energy levels (and contributes to  muscle development), it helps the users work out for longer periods of time and gain muscle at a faster rate.

Last on the list is ginger root, which doesn’t promote weight loss directly. Instead, this plant is very helpful for digestion. It also has strong anti-inflammatory properties, so it’s able to relieve pain, particularly stomach cramps and pain caused by arthritis. It should be helpful for those who struggle with pain during exercise, and of course, for those affected by various digestive disorders.

And after taking a close look at the ingredients, it becomes very obvious that Adiphene should indeed work. Almost all of them are backed by scientific research, and each promotes weight loss in a different way. It’s likely that the majority of users respond to at least some of the ingredients.

Is Adiphene safe?

Adiphene is very safe, but it does contain caffeine, so those who are sensitive to this substance should only use the product after discussing it with their physicians. And normally, at least some of the users should experience the side effects of caffeine, like it’s the case with all supplements that include it. On the other hand, there are no customer complaints regarding side effects.

Adiphene has been available for at least 3 years, but it seems that no one has encountered problems with the supplement yet. In other words, the caffeine in this particular product doesn’t seem able to cause problems.

Still, potential users who are affected by health problems should not use this product without medical approval. Some of the stimulants raise blood pressure (especially as they’re used together), and are likely to cause problems when combined with prescription medication or other supplements. And of course, Adiphene should not be used by pregnant women and children under 18.

What are the pros?

Adiphene should be able to generate the advertised results. Some of the ingredients promote weight loss either directly or by raising body temperature, while others decrease appetite and fat absorption. At the same time, almost all the ingredients promote healthy digestion, and some boost cognitive functions.

This is the type of weight loss supplement that can only benefit health. It doesn’t contain aggressive or damaging substances, and in the long run, the users should be both thinner and in better health condition.

Of course, great results can only be obtained  by using the product as part of a weight loss program. But it appears that Adiphene can be very beneficial all on its own, even without diet and exercise.

Why choose Adiphene?

First, Adiphene seems to be a very healthy choice. This supplement doesn’t seem able to damage the body in any way, unlike many other weight loss products. It might not be entirely free of side effects, but there are no complaints yet, so new users have no reason to worry. But more importantly, this  product should indeed work as advertised.

The ingredients are backed  by scientific studies, just as claimed, and should work for most of the users. And since the product is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee, those who are interested in it can try it risk-free. Lastly, this product is available for worldwide delivery, so clients can access it from anywhere, at any time.

Where can I buy Adiphene?

where to buy adipheneAdiphene is only available on its official website, at the price of $65.95 for a bottle containing one month’s supply. A package that includes 2 bottles is available for $129.95, while 4 bottles are available for $197.95. The delivery fee is $10 for US clients but varies from location to location.

Meanwhile, the 30-day money back guarantee applies in the same way in all cases. It starts running when the client places the order, which means that the trial period is shortened by about a week. On the plus side, clients have 15 days to contact the company for a refund after the 30 days of trial. But it must be kept in mind that the guarantee only applies if the client follows a weight loss program that includes diet and exercise. We recommend potential clients to carefully read the Guarantee section, as it offers lots  of information on the refund policy.

But it must be kept in mind that the guarantee only applies if the client follows a weight loss program that includes diet and exercise. We recommend potential clients to carefully read the Guarantee section, as it offers lots  of information on the refund policy.

Bottom line

Adiphene contains effective, safe ingredients that should be able to boost the metabolism of most users. It’s a good option for those who are interested in a healthy, long-term weight loss aid. And because it comes with a 30 days money back guarantee, users can try it risk-free.

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