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Addium Reviews

Addium Reviews – Real Limitless Pill or Scam?

addium bottleSome people are able to wake up early in the morning boosting with energy and ready to take on the world. But let’s face it, most of us only have enough energy to blindly walk to the kitchen and fix ourselves a cup of coffee, the only thing that makes life worth living at 7 a.m. We’re addicted and we’re not ashamed, there’s too much to do, too many places to be and too little time. But what do we do when coffee doesn’t do it anymore? Well, thankfully, alternative medicine companies provide a large variety of brain boosters, and one that really gets attention these days is Addium.

Addium is a nootropic supplement, an over the counter drug designed to improve mental functions. Its official site presents it as the most advanced cerebral enhancement complex available and it’s supposed to increase your energy level and ability to focus, altogether improving mental performance. In comes in the form of pills, and the effects are expected to last for up to 6 hours. It’s also mentioned that all the benefits provided by this product come without the side effects associated with caffeine and prescription medication. An interesting affirmation given that the large base of customers comes up with some objecting reviews. But before figuring out what this product can and can not do, let’s have a look at nootropics in general.

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What are nootropics and how do they work?

Well, under this name we find any substance that is able to improve brain activity, from stimulants to foods, and the most common and widely used is caffeine. The exact process that these chemicals are involved in when it comes to improving cognitive ability is not yet understood, but what it is known is that they effect 5 neurotransmitters: acetylcholine,  dopamine, glutamate, GABA, and serotonin. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that pass on information between neurons or brain cells, so an essential part in the single most important activity that takes place in the body. The official site of Addium provides a list of ingredients, so let’s see what part does each of them play in this process and what we can actually expect from this product.

Addium Ingredients

  • Tyrosine is the first chemical on this list and it’s claimed that it helps create neurotransmitters. And that is very true, tyrosine is an amino acid that serves as a building block for dopamine, a neurotransmitter which in turn influences mood. And though no studies show exactly what the effects of tyrosine are, it’s safe to assume that it might play an important part in your well-being. The attitude alone can increase your perceived level of energy, so we could expect for a supplement containing this chemical to actually improve mental performance.
  • Then we have GABA (gamma – aminobutyric acid), a neurotransmitter that is presented as being able to improve the ability to focus. And we can expect for it to actually do that, since GABA is actually an inhibitory neurotransmitter, diminishing brain cells excitability and making it harder for the mind to get distracted by external stimuli.
  • Bacopa Monnieri, the third on the list, is described as being able to increase the blood flow to the brain and so improve all the brain functions. It’s actually a plant also known as brahmi, a herb that has a very good reputation in alternative medicine and is commonly used for the prevention of brain conditions. It’s currently studied for its properties, but it’s already been proven that it does indeed increase blood flow to the brain and has a powerful antioxidant effect. So, looking at just these first ingredients, the product is expected to improve your mood, focus and brain cells endurance.
  • Addium also contains alpha GPC (L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine), a chemical that is supposed to be efficient in promoting healthy neural transmissions and improve cognitive function. And it has been proven by scientific studies that GPC is a good option in the treatment of cognitive disorders, efficient enough that it’s a non-prescription drug all by itself. Alpha GPC is a source for choline, a molecule with an important part in the formation of neurotransmitters and essential for optimal health.
  • The last ingredients mentioned by Addium’s official site are vinpocetine and huperzine A, plant extracts that are supposed to increase the quantity of glucose processed by the brain and inhibit enzymes that break down neurotransmitters, respectively. Vincpocetine (ethyl apovincaminate) is an extract from lesser periwinkle that’s been proven as a good anti-inflammatory and an aid in the improvement of vasodilatation and blood flow to the brain, so very beneficial in the metabolism of glucose. And huperzine A, an extract from the club moss, seems able to increase the level of neurotransmitters. These are all the ingredients presented by the product, and it looks like we could expect for Addium to have a positive effect on mental performance and all over health. But judging by what the users of this product have to say, the chemicals that actually bring a boost of energy are kept from its advertising.

The official website does a good job at presenting the product and it’s ingredients in an honest way, there are no over the top claims and obviously fake testimonials. The photos used to represent the satisfied customers are not real, but the site actually placed a disclaimer stating that some of the information presented is part of the public domain, in well-thought attempt to prevent complaints about the reviews being faked. And although the product claims to not have the side effects of other stimulants, nothing is mentioned about its own particular problems.

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Addium Side Effects

As many reviews are available, one side effect that stands out is a rash that seems to develop shortly after ingesting the pill. This is most likely not a common occurrence, but it’s obviously a possible reaction to the product that should have been listed in a warning. I’m glad this product didn’t include “all natural” or “recommended by doctors” in its advertising on the official site, but it’s clear that many facts that potential customers were entitled to know have been left out. And that is a very serious problem, especially for people that are prone to rashes and allergies. Otherwise, the site looks simple and professionally done, the presentation alone making the product look trustworthy enough. A decent amount of work has been put in this product’s advertising, but only on its official site.

Because the paid sites do a terrible job that takes away much of this product’s clean enough image. From the fake “my story” reviews to the people that want to share their amazing discovery of Addium in an English that by itself makes your brain hurt to the point that you believe that you actually need this product, some pretty funny claims come up when you do some research. Apparently, this supplement can heal any mental disorder you might deal with when the official site clearly states in its disclaimer that Addium is not and it should never be used as a replacement for prescription drugs. It’s also promoted as being able to improve your IQ (a disputed concept anyway) by 77%, which means that a perfectly normal IQ of 100 would turn into 170, so NASA here we come! And by far the strangest statement made about this product is that will improve your concentration by 312%.  I’d love to know how one measures the ability to focus on other human beings in such precise terms, but judging by how this presentation was written, this number might have been anything else that popped into the writer’s mind. This particular review is funny in its entirely, since the writer decided that after praising the miraculous product for a full novel’s worth, it turns back on it and start trashing it like it’s poison. I don’t know what happened there but whoever is in charge of marketing should take notice before many more people leave the page amused instead of willing to buy the product.

Does Addium Really Work?

Still, Addium sells pretty well so reviews are available on numerous sites. Many of them are fake of course, but a serious number of honest users have shared their experiences, enough for any potential buyer to form an accurate image of the product. And it looks like it has some powerful effects. A harder thing to settle is what exactly these effects are since it seems like everybody reacts differently to this supplement. Sure, there are users arguing that the product does absolutely nothing, but some of these opinions are shared by people that have gotten used to a lot more powerful substances.

Some people claim Addium is simply amazing, improving their memory, concentration, ability to solve problems and even creativity. Apparently, it even gives some an euphoric feeling, especially at first intake. And it looks like for some this reaction only happens in the beginning, fading with each intake, as the the body is getting used to the product and no longer reacts to the stimuli. This supplement should be ingested only once a day, but some people enjoy it’s outcome so much that they recommend it to be taken twice or even more often. The general consensus seems to be that Addium feels more or less like coffee. Some claim that it has the effect of 5 coffees drank at once, and some feel like it’s a milder version of the drink. And some even claim that the product also comes with the side effects sometimes observed in caffeine abuse, a rush of energy that lasts for a few hours before a sudden crash and a bad headache. And because there are no suggestions about how this product should be ingested, on an empty stomach or after a meal, users have very different opinions and recommendations. Some claim that for full effect, the product is best ingested right after waking up, on an empty stomach. Meanwhile, some argue that this was their biggest mistake with this product and strongly advise against it. Taking it on an empty stomach has induced in some users everything from high blood pressure and shakiness, to confusion, dizziness and even an inability to form coherent thoughts for a short time. Some users even reported throwing up. And I as mentioned before, the worst side effect experienced seems to be a sudden rash. As nobody focuses on this strange reaction in the reviews, it’s safe to say that the condition is not long lasting and doesn’t require medical attention, but it still looks pretty dangerous for a potential buyer.

Where to buy Addium?

Addium is presented as being available only on the official site, at the price of $39.95 for one month’s supply, with better values for bottles containing two or three months’ supply. The product also offers a full refund if not satisfied with the results in 30 days. At the moment, you can buy Addium on Amazon, but without the deals offered on the official site. And it looks like indeed it does “wake up your brain” like it’s advertised, but we don’t know exactly at what cost.

Keep in mind that Addium is not approved by the FDA and not destined for people under 18 years old. The ingredients presented are obviously not responsible for the extreme positive reactions and side effects. Judging by what publicly goes into the product, the users should report at best a more positive state of mind and a better ability to solve problems, and that improvement should take at least a little while, instead of the energy explosion that some customers report to happen in as short as 15 minutes’ time. As the effects look powerful, I wouldn’t recommend this product to anybody that is not accustomed to stimulants, especially since many users agree that this might be the strongest non-prescription drug available. But if you are at least a coffee drinker and feel like you would need something stronger, you could give it a try. Do it carefully, though, don’t ingest these pills on an empty stomach, at least not at first try, and don’t don’t go over the recommended quantity either. One pill a day is enough, at least until you understand what this product does for your body in particular. Buy Addium Brain Booster supplement below:addium brain power

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