Top 8 Weird Diets in 2017 | Work or Hype?

It’s that time of year when we rev up our agendas to lose weight. The more the sun shines the more clothes we want to take off. The problem is what diet plan to choose from? With all of the diet plans on the market, it’s no wonder some of them may come off as a little strange. We want the best plan that will render results quickly although a slow progressive plan is best. But with the warmer weather’s premature arrival some of us are now in a hurry to lose weight. Read more on Top 8 Weird Diets in 2017

Here are some weird diets plans that some say work while others say “are you kidding me?”

  • Cabbage Soup Diet – The cabbage soup diet consist of cabbage, onions, celery, carrots and sometimes potatoes steep in low sodium broth. The objective of this diet is to eat as much of the cabbage soup for 5 days. By the end of day 5, you can begin to eat fruit and skim and eventually progressing to some solid foods. The result of this diet is rapid weight loss due to the consumption of low calories and high fiber. This diet is good for short-term but is not sustaining.
  • The Hollywood Juice Diet – The juice diet consist of an array of fruit juices that is limited to 400 calories a day. Each serving, that comes in a 4 fl. Oz bottle, is 100 calories per serving. One bottle should last all day if the plan is followed. This diet is popular due to its promise of 10-pound weight loss in 2 days. No solid foods are eaten with this plan.
  • Vinegar and Honey Diet – “Heidi Klum and Fergie have been linked to this strange diet plan, according to Allure magazine. Before each meal, you drink three teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to curb cravings and cut fat. Medical experts say there’s no science behind it, but that you may lose weight because it ruins your appetite. There are apple cider vinegar diet pills that doctors strictly warn against, saying the concentrated acidic formula could burn your esophagus and stomach lining.”
  • The Shangri-La Diet – This diet consists of eating bland foods and drinking olive oil prior to each meal. This is designed to suppress the appetite.
  • The Cookie Diet – The cookie diet sounds like a fun regimen. You eat cookies, specifically made for dieting that contains a high amount of fiber, during the day or each time you get hungry. The idea is that the cookies, that are also low in calories, will suppress the appetite. You are able to eat other low-calorie foods for dinner if the plan advises.
  • Cotton Ball Diet – Weight-loss expert David Edelson, M.D., says some models and dancers have eaten cotton balls in an attempt to feel full and not overeat. Cotton is not digestible, so the “risk is huge,” he says. The cotton balls will wreak havoc on your system and can do serious harm. Nutritionists advise eating high-fiber foods to get the same effect without causing damage to your body.
  • Master Cleanse Diet – Beyonce made this cleansing diet popular. The cayenne pepper and lemon juice diet consist of, you guessed it, cayenne pepper and lemon juice, and no solid foods. Whenever hunger strike, drink the cayenne pepper and lemon juice. Laxatives are encouraged in the morning and at night. Since this is basically a cleansing diet, it is strongly recommended to not exceed a week of this plan.
  • Freegan Diet – The freegan diet or dumpster dive diet is probably “thee” weirdest or most disgusting diet out there. The freegan diet named after vegans encourages dieters to eat “freely” from other people’s leftover yes even in the dumpster. “Those who call themselves freegans try to reduce society’s waste by using only second-hand products and discarded goods. They adopt a vegan diet (no animal products) and only eat food they can find for free. They “Dumpster dive” to find food in the trash, eat people’s leftovers and forage wild plants. Doctors say there’s nothing inherently unhealthy about this lifestyle–it’s just kind of gross.”

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