5 drinks to avoid after exercise

5 Drinks to Avoid After Exercising

Exercising represents a wonderful, healthy and unmistakable way of losing weight. But in order to achieve a sculpted body and to maintain a healthy body, one needs to practice exercises regularly and follow a strict diet that would require lots of motivation and patience in order to complete and acquire some significant physical and mental improvements in your life.

Correct hydration represents also an important factor that could influence your metabolism and change you for the better. Another important part of exercising is taking your time and understanding the concept of integrating physical exercises together with mental ones because our mind is in strict correlation with our body. For example, Pilates refers and is focused more on the soul and on slow movements, even on thinking, as the exercises are slower and they concentrate certain kinds of nerves and muscles, while Aerobics is much more dynamic and solicits each and every kind of muscle in your body.  

The hours of sleep you get per night are also significant and decisive for your health because they influence your concentration, focus and mental capacity during a day; so, sleeping represents an important factor in our behavior, evolution, and daily productivity. Sleeping represents also another way of keeping and maintaining us in shape, as it reduces the metabolism and slows us down from every day’s hustle and bustle. It regulates us. It makes us calmer. And to convince yourself, here are a few benefices of sleeping.

First of all, you will live longer. For example, people who sleep only 5 hours per night have a shorter life than those who sleep 7-8 hours per night and that should be a sign of question for the former ones. Sleeping longer means living longer.

Second, of all, you can become more creative, when properly rested. This is why they say that “night is a good adviser”. The more you sleep, the better your ideas are cleared up in your head and the easier it will be for you to find solutions for your daily problems. And this is an important fact because our mind works like a clock when we are awake: we think and think and think continuously ruminating ideas and when we sleep, we still have thoughts, but they are cleared up like water.   

Thirdly and probably most importantly, sleeping will help you maintain a normal weight by slowing down your metabolism. During sleep, your body eliminates a hormone that keeps your hunger at bay and this can only be produced if you sleep 7-8 hours per night. This hormone is beneficial for your health, as it will help you maintain your energy and daily boost. Health is in strict correlation with sleeping and also with eating. So, beware what you eat, because you might become what you really eat.

Another important advantage would be the fact that you will have a better memory, by taking log naps. They say that lack of sleep is one of the reasons that can lead to memory loss, so people who sleep less, will also have poor concentration skills and will be more prone to forgetting things.

We all know about the Alzheimer disease and about Parkinson’s disease, so we should strive to understand the importance of memory. We use memory at plenty of things and we cannot forget or reconsider its importance. Memory is like logic or rational thinking. We cannot overthink it. It is crucial for geographical/spatial/temporal coordinates and we need it very badly in order to survive.

Sleep also can overcome stress, depression, and heart diseases, thus regulating our circulatory system.

And last but not least, you truly are more beautiful after a few hours of sleep. You know the saying which is sarcastic to people who are said to be sleeping “their Sleeping Beauty’s Sleep”. This is actually a true myth, as sleep will help you maintain your skin elastic and firm and would also prevent the apparition of wrinkles.

Now to get back to our problems, I have to explain how to drink and what to drink after doing physical exercises, or going to the gym, and so on, so forth.

First off, correct hydration is vital for our health, but also for our athletic performances. We must not understand through athletic performance the obtaining of trophies in competition, but the obtaining of the proposed purpose in our life. (losing weight should be one of them)

Now to give you a little lecture: out of good fats, the most important ones are the ones known under the name of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9, and the role of these fatty acids in what is concerned a healthy regime of life is essential. Unfortunately, Omega-3 and Omega-6 are not produced naturally by our body, and that is why any kind of bring over is more than recommendable. It is really necessary. As it follows, beneficial fatty acids, which can be found in the composition of certain ailments, must not be cut out from the daily menu of each and everyone of us.  

During physical exercises, through perspiration, our body loses not only water but also lots of nutrients. And that is why hydration is so necessary. Moreover, more studies have shown that, after intensive training, the body’s capacity of regulating the cardiac rhythm is suppressed, which can lead to the risk of lethal arrhythmia even in the case of healthy people.

And scientists have recently discovered that if you drink a few glasses of water after a highly-intensive physical training, your heart would go back to a normal beating rhythm in less time. Frequent mistakes in this area occur when you are really thirsty after an intense physical training, like running or cycling, for example, and you would find it is easier to hydrate with whatever you find at your disposal. Below you will find several drinks that you should avoid after doing intense physical exercises.

  1. Protein mixtures which are prepared on the spot

Nutritionists believe that these kinds of drinks contain excessively-processed proteins, lots of sweeteners and many unnecessary calories. The experts would recommend preparing your very own protein mixtures out of protein substances that do not contain additives, cocoa powder, and a cup of maple tree syrup. This simple combination of proteins and carbohydrates will help you reconstruct your glycogen resources after the physical effort that you have given away. To cut a long story short, glycogen resources are our reservoirs of energy. The reconstruction of glucose stocks after training can help you feel less tired.

  1. Drinks that contain sugar

No matter what the label might suggest you, you do not need this kind of drink after exercising, because your body does not need it. But experts in nutrition and dietetics agree that, after truly intense practice, the reconstruction of electrolytes would be necessary (nutritive substances like potassium and sodium), which our body uses for maintaining the equilibrium and which can help you prevent tiredness and muscular cramps. But you do not have to choose a neon-colored drink in order to obtain them. You can also find these electrolytes in the water of coconuts, for example. Excessive sugar is known to be very bad for your health and you have to understand that the less you eat, the better will be.

  1. Alcoholic drinks

Perhaps a cold beer after an intensive training appeals to you, especially to men. But alcohol can be diuretic, increasing the risk of dehydration. Moreover, this supplementary loss of water could cause you a bad hangover. As an alternative, you can opt out for a non-alcoholic cocktail with fruits. If you still crave for something with alcohol, then a light beer would be probably the best choice and solution for your thirstiness, because it can be more nutritious than any other drink with alcohol. Before ordering a drink, the nutritionists will recommend you to consume proteins and carbohydrates of quality. A good example would be chicken meat garnished with baked/mashed potatoes.

  1. Drinks with carbon dioxide (CO2)

You may feel, after all the effort you have given away and after all the burnt calories, to find appealing drinking a few sips of sodas. But, along with effervescent bubbles, you will also receive a concentrated quantity of simple sugars, which your body will absorb immediately. Because of the high levels of sugar concentration that will eventually reach your blood, sodas might make you feel more and more dehydrated. That is why it is preferable, instead of consuming sodas, to drink mineral water. For a plus of aroma, you should add a few lemon slices.

  1. Caffeine

Sport and adrenaline go hand in hand, reason why is not always advisable to add to the combination some more coffee. Coffee or drinks based on coffee would not offer you a proper hydration and neither would offer you a durable form of energy. A healthier alternative would be milk with chocolate or a smoothie, in which you could add some cocoa.

So to sum them up, exercising represents an important factor that brings up endorphins and will make you feel ok. It is very important to hydrate properly as well because our life is short and we should make the best of it by drinking, eating, consuming and doing the right thing. Happy mind – happy life! Just a simple rational inductive thinking.

What you can drink though are watermelon and orange juice.

Watermelon-Juice not only does it have excellent qualities of curing you of thirst, but as well – medical qualities. It can be used as a remedy for inducing diuretic effects, preventing atherosclerosis, and can also be used as an antiseptic. It has an energizing effect because it is rich in sugar, it eliminates salts from our body (kidney and liver stones), strengthens and cleans up the liver and the kidneys.

It is recommendable to consume 2 glasses of grape juices per day. In order to give you an idea of what you are required to do so that you could obtain the perfect glass of watermelon juice, I will give you here a little recipe of how to prepare it: 200 g of fresh red watermelon; 1 lemon; and agave syrup or a sweetener based on honey.

What should be also retained about watermelon-juices is that they are highly recommended in diets for obesity and they also help reduce the time of healing after the training of athletes. It also helps reduce the risk of heart conditions and promotes skin and hair healthiness and makes us feel more energetic.

A glass of watermelon juice, approximately 125 g, contains 43 calories, 0 g fats, 2 g sodium, 11 g carbohydrates and 1 g fibers. Amongst all these, it contains 17% vitamin A, 21% vitamin C, 2% iron and 1% calcium. All these percentages represent the necessary amount of minerals a man should acquire daily. Red watermelons also contain thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6 and oligo-elements such as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, copper, mangan, selenium. A simple juice prepared during summer from red watermelon is delicious and nutritive and amongst many other qualities watermelons have, we can count:

  1. a) It prevents asthma because it contains vitamin C.
  2. b) It prevents the risk of having cancer.
  3. c) It prevents constipation and promotes the healthiness of the digestive tract.

On top of everything, is an excellent rehydrating fruit and can easily replace a glass of Pepsi or Cola. Also, red watermelon is fantastic for skin, because it has vitamin A, a necessary nutrient for the sebum production that maintains the hair clean and it also helps in the process of the recovery of all human tissues, including skin and hair. Watermelons are great fruits that play or must play an important part in our life.

At this point, vitamin C is the key. By consuming at least two glasses of orange juices per day, you can enhance the concentration of vitamin C in our organism with 40-64%. As vitamin C is an essential vitamin that cannot be synthesized by our body, a very important antioxidant, a substance that protects the organism against negative effects of toxins that can produce lesions of tissues and early aging, you should frequently consume it. Thanks to vitamin C, consuming orange-juices prevents the apparition of wrinkles.

Also, orange-juice stimulates the immune system and it is recommendable when you have a cold or in the case of infections. Through the strengthening of the immune system, the strength of our immune system rises. Orange-juices offer protection against inflammations. Rich meals that contain glucose can trigger inflammatory reactions in our body, which can lead to the development of high resistance to insulin, the most frequent cause of diabetes and atherosclerosis. They also highlight arterial pressure, because orange juices contain hesperidia, a healthy pigment of plants, dissolvable in water. Hesperidium helps improve small blood clots, arterial pressure and helps maintain a normal healthy circulatory system.

It also drops the level of cholesterol and enhances the functioning of digestive system. Orange-juice helps in the problems with indigestion, constipation and other digestive problems. In order to give you an idea, let’s take a look at the following information: for example, 100 g of oranges contain 47 kcal, 11.75 g carbohydrates, 0.94 proteins, 0mg cholesterol and 0.12. Fats. All these numbers may tell you nothing, but what you must know is that all these combined are very good for your health and they work together to transform you into the person you are today.

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